Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (IT 109)


  The purpose of this letter is to expand on one particular issue which is causing concern to Bradford Council, in my capacity as Chair of Transportation, Planning and Design Committee. My concern is the apparent lack of integration and ownership between government departments on transport policy issues. There are two pertinent recent examples which illustrate my point highlighting the difficulties of progressing an integrated approach to solving transport problems at a local level.

  Recently Bradford Council has made significant improvements to its City Centre to improve the environment, safety and public transport accessibility. Similarly we have entered into Quality Partnerships, along with the other Districts of West Yorkshire with major bus operators. However, it is fair to say that the success of both these initiatives is being hampered by the lack of priority given by the Police to traffic enforcement matters. The existing "Policing Plan for West Yorkshire" gives scant regard for traffic enforcement matters. This is a direct result of the Police allocating resources to meet Home Office Targets which do not include traffic enforcement.

  Similarly we have experienced difficulties in progressing Safe Routes to Schools initiatives in spite of being one of the first authorities to recognise the importance of this approach related to peak hour traffic congestion. There is a good working relationship between the Highway Authority and the Education Authority within the Council but the schools themselves are unwilling to incorporate road safety and environmental issues into the curriculum proper and many have little interest in the child's welfare outside the curtilage of the school. Bradford is at the moment seeking to move from a three tier to a two tier school system. This in theory should present the Council with an ideal opportunity to work in partnership on Safe Routes to Schools initiatives and to build them in as part of the change. However, I fear this will not be the case whilst ever the attainment of educational achievement is the only real performance indicator upon which schools are judged. A way forward may be to have individual school governors or heads responsible for the introduction of Safety Audits for their pupils including the journey to school and parental behaviour.

  Unless greater integration on transport policy matters is achieved by the relevant government departments DETR, Home Office and DFEE the delivery of integrated transport strategies at the local level will be frustrated. The need for integration must first of all be recognised at national level.

Councillor Latif Darr

Chair of Transportation

Planning and Design Committee

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

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Prepared 28 April 1999