Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence



Road transport gives great mobility to us all but damages the environment.

Can we limit the damage while retaining the mobility?

Can anything be done to entice the car owner away from the use of the car for local journeys and to improve access to and from public transport?


  Would YOU choose to use POLYBUS rather than your car if:

    (a)  It is available as soon or sooner than the car.

    (b)  It is available any time day or night.

    (c)  The perceived cost is less than that of YOUR car and car parking.

    (d)  YOU are not a driver and your wife/husband/son/daughter are not available to drive you.

    (e)  YOU don't like cleaning the car.

    (f)  YOU are temporarily or permanently disabled.

    (h)  YOU can no longer afford a car.

    (i)  YOU are worried about walking to and/or from the car park after visiting the station/church/shops/theatre/friends at night.

    (j)  YOU don't like leaving the car in case it is vandalised in the car park or on the road.

    (j)  YOU perceive Parking to be too difficult/expensive/dangerous where YOU are going.

    (k)  YOU can look after the children/elderly/disabled and not have to drive the car at the same time.

    (l)  YOUR eyesight is not as good as it used to be at night.

    (m)  YOU are intending to or may drink at the place your are visiting.

    (n)  Taxis are too expensive after midnight and are difficult to find.

    (o)  YOUR car is being serviced/repaired MOT'd or YOU are waiting for a new one.

    (p)  YOU don't want to leave the car in a car park for a fortnight.

    (q)  It's only a short journey which YOU know is expensive on fuel and causes more. pollution.

    (r)  The bus route is too far away for YOU to walk if it rains now or when YOU return.

    (s)  YOU want help with YOUR luggage/shopping/buggy.

    (t)  YOU can't afford a taxi.

    (u)  Several of YOU are going to the same place together but will come back separately.

    (v)  YOU like meeting people in safety instead of being isolated in YOUR car.

    (w)  Insurance costs are too high because YOU have just had an accident/are too old//too young.

    (x)  Going to an unfamiliar town? YOU want to be taken door to door when YOU arrive there.

    (y)  Unfamiliar with the part of town to which YOU are going? Go door to door after dark.

    (z)  There is plenty of information on POLYBUS about opening times, shopping deals, train times, etc., so YOU don't need to look up anything before YOU go.

    (aa)  It's more comfortable and dependable than YOUR car.

    (ab)  YOU want to leave the car for YOUR wife/husband/son/daughter.

    (ac)  The journey by bus is too complicated and YOU don't know the times or the routes.

    (ad)  YOU want YOUR child/relative to do without YOU having to accompany them.

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Prepared 28 April 1999