Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence




  The opportunity to travel by Bus:

    —  Network access—reasonable walking distance to bus stops, good park and ride facilities.

    —  Integration—the ability to use an integrated network of services involving good interchange facilities, through ticketing, network information.

    —  Access for all—e.g., more low floor buses and level boarding at bus stops.

    —  Affordability—simple and affordable fares and ticketing arrangements.

  Good waiting areas:

    —  Shelters that are well lit, with seating and clear information (scheduled and real time).

    —  Infrastructure that is of good design, that complements the townscape.

    —  Interchanges with all the main facilities required by passengers—toilets/hot drinks/newsagents, etc.

  A high quality of service:

    —  Reliability—a reliable service than can be depended upon.

    —  Frequency—frequent services at all times on the key corridors.

    —  Fast—fast journey times compared with car travel.

    —  Good personal security—at waiting facilities and on the bus.

    —  Attractive and comfortable journey, including clean vehicle and facilities, comfortable seats, good ventilation and heating.

    —  Customer care—helpful drivers and staff that genuinely care for the comfort and safety of passengers.

    —  Direct service—door services for as many journeys as possible and good interchange facilities for the remainder.

  Good levels of communication:

    —  Good information—clear and accurate information at stops, in the home and by other means.

    —  Network promotion—a clearly defined and understandable network of high frequency services supported by local services.

    —  High awareness—clear explanation of the need to reduce dependence on the private car and the need to use bus services more in congested areas.

    —  Responsiveness—an industry that genuinely listens to the concerns of passengers and would-be passengers, and is responsive to their needs.

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Prepared 28 April 1999