Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence



  POLYBUS is designed to COMPLEMENT other transport modes, acting as a feeder to trains, buses, ferries and airports. Operating over 24 hours a day it provides a real public transport alternative to the private car for those private car journeys which are below seven miles and promotes the increased use of trains, buses and taxis for longer and less frequent journeys by making it easy to leave the car at home knowing that safe and convenient transport is available at whatever time when one returns.

  In the long run, when POLYBUS is operational in all towns, to make a long journey by public transport will be cheaper, quicker, more comfortable, nearly as seamless and need as little preparation as with a private car. Our analysis shows that train, bus and taxi use will increase as car users leave their vehicles at home and make their onward and return journeys by the most convenient form of public transport, not only POLYBUSES.

  A Prototype vehicle has been developed and road trials successfully carried out to establish credibility. Further development is planned to make the system easy to use by new and established bus or taxi companies. The technology use on POLYBUS is well established and fully reliable under the relatively benign environment required by the passengers and drivers.

  A pilot scheme of 20 vehicles is planned and European, UK Government, Local Authority, Transport operators and private investors are being approached to form a partnership to implement the pilot scheme at a venue yet to be chosen.

  We, the POLYBUS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATES, will welcome any support, financial or otherwise which will help to bring the system into effect as soon as possible.

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Prepared 28 April 1999