Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by London Taxi Board (IT 41)


  The London Taxi Board welcomes the Government's Integrated Transport White paper and is delighted that for the first time the London taxi industry has been recognised as an important part of a successful integrated transport system.

  We very much applaud the sentiment in the White paper that local authorities, in our case the soon to be formed Greater London Authority, must consider the needs of taxis when developing their transport plans. We are also pleased that our services will be fully considered when initiatives to reallocate road space through the introduction of priority lanes and road pricing are introduced.

  It is also reassuring to see taxi ranks mentioned. The taxi trade must retain its ability to rank at other transport providers such as stations to ensure that a fully wheelchair accessible integrated transport network is available.

  It has taken a long time for taxis to be included in transport policy in this way and we urge the select committee to reiterate the above points and ensure that measures are not introduced that exclude us from carrying or picking up passengers on the grounds of cost or access.

  The public transport service we provide reduces private car use and enables members of the public to travel in areas that other forms of public transport cannot serve and at times when they are not available. Taxis are also a vital service for groups such as the disabled and wheelchair bound passengers who do not have full access to bus, train or underground provision.

  The London Taxi Board will continue to work with Ministers, officials and politicians to ensure the taxi trade's vital role in the transport network is fully considered and promoted and would be delighted to provide any further evidence to the Committee should this be deemed useful.

Geoff Trotter OBE


24 September 1998

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Prepared 28 April 1999