Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Examples of excellent value fare deals:

    —  Midland Mainline's 4-Sight £34 fare giving travel anywhere on Midland Mainline services for up to four people at £34.

    —  GNER's Fab 4 offer of London to West Yorkshire return for £49 for up to four people.

    —  Central Trains cheap day return fares such as "under-a-fiver" and "under-a-tenner".

    —  Virgin Trains offer the £15 single London to Scotland.

    —  Chiltern Trains offer a Family Ticket at £34 for two adults and two children for Birmingham to London return.

    —  GNER Braveheart promotion between London and Edinburgh £21 single.

    —  WAGN offer commuters travelling from Peterborough to London a £1,000 discount on a company-specific season ticket while still offering an inter-available season ticket.

    —  WAGN Family Travelcard—up to two adults get 20 per cent discount off the price of a One Day Travelcard and up to four children travel anywhere on WAGN services for just £1.

    —  Merseyrail offers Adults (£10.50) and children (£6.70) an excellent integrated package to Chester Zoo. The ticket, valid anywhere on the Merseyrail network, provides return rail travel to Bache Station, a bus to Chester Zoo and entrance fee.

    —  Chiltern offer a One Day Travelcard from Birmingham to London at £24. This offers return travel and unlimited use of London's public transport system for one day.

    —  Chiltern trains are unveiling the Nightrider from 27 September. Available from a series of stations, it offers return travel to London for just £5.

    —  ScotRail's overnight Caledonian Sleeper services to and from London now offer a simplified two-tier Lowlands/Highlands Sleeper APEX fare structure knocking £16 off the price of a return between Ft William and London, and £6 off all other routes.

    —  Exclusively for Caledonian Sleeper customers, Arnold Clark is cutting 20 per cent off prices for its full range of hire cars. It means, for example, passengers can step off the train from London into a new Ford Ka for £14 a day/£70 a week; a Ford Mondeo GLX for £36 a day/£180 a week, or a VW Caravelle camper for £53 a day/£265 a week.

    —  Great Western offer a new discounted Day Return ticket, SuperAdvance will be reduced by 10 per cent and Saver fares by 5 per cent. The heavily discounted Apex fares have been held for the fifth year—when comparing Apex fares for 1995 to Summer 1998, customers can save up to £2.50 (over 9 per cent) in real terms. Supersaver prices increase only in line with inflation.

    —  Virgin Trains offer:

Milton Keynes to London (Cheap Day Return)
Darlington to York (Saver Return)£10.00
Macclesfield to Manchester (Cheap Day Return) £4.20
Exeter to Plymouth (Supersaver Return) £8.00

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Prepared 28 April 1999