Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence



    (a)  "I live 20 miles from work. This takes 25-30 minutes averagely. By Public transport I would need to start at 06.30 to arrive at 08.45 and that connection is not guaranteed". [We note that the Government is already on record as being worried about long working hours, given its support for the EU Working Time Directive, about to come into force.]

    (b)  "Our Group employs 3,500 people and we plan to grow that number. We have been encouraged to and are located in rural areas and outside city limits where public transport is non-existent or poor". [The IoD would also point out that government and other public bodies have themselves been relocated into rural areas or rural fringes in the past.]

    (c)  "We relocated to an out of town business park to escape from congestion, lack of or expensive parking and to reduce travel to work times. We . . . provided sufficient parking for all staff at our cost, during construction. Of our staff 75 per cent are high mileage drivers who depend on their vehicle for business. Why should we be charged for providing parking spaces, five miles out of the city centre?"

    (d)  "To attend a 10.00 AM meeting in Worcester [from the Plymouth area]

      "By Train

      "Depart Plymouth 00.20 hrs

      " . . . [two changes]

      "Arrive Worcester 07.41 hrs

      "Taxi to site 08.30 hrs

      " . . . return to Plymouth, . . . meeting ends 15.30 hrs

      " . . . [two changes]

      "Arrive Plymouth 20.58 PM Total journey time—13 hrs 38 hrs

      " . . .

      "By car, . . . in the region of 6 hrs".

    (e)  "I think this proposed tax is one of the more silly ideas to come out of government in recent years. It might work in inner-city offices (although it would make cities a less desirable place to locate businesses), but it would be totally impractical and thoroughly undesirable on the average industrial estate.

      "In practise [sic], expanding the public transport network by building, for example, new railways and airports causes just as much opposition from the green lobby as building roads."

    (f)  "As far as I know this is the first time I have written to the Institute during my thirty year membership, and do so now to ask the Institute to make strong representation against the proposed `car space charge'."

    (g)  "Dear Mr Prescott

      "If you levy a charge on parking spaces for our 100 employees it will cost us £15,000 per annum which we cannot absorb, so we will have to pass it on to our employees.

      " . . . Have you thought of disabled workers who cannot easily use public transport?

      " . . . Have you thought of the extra congestion on an already congested rail system?"

    (h)  "Have the thinkers thought of . . . Night shift workers who travel late and early when there is no congestion?"

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Prepared 28 April 1999