Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by Huntingdonshire District Council (IT 82)


  Members of the District Council's Environmental Services Committee gave consideration on the 9 September 1998 to reports on the Transport White Paper and the Trunk Roads Review. They have asked that I write to you to reflect some of their concerns, viz:


    (a)  The impact of any primary or secondary legislation will take a considerable time to influence changes in modal shift. If the Government places emphasis on policies which can be implemented quickly then an unstructured approach to an integrated policy may ensue.

    (b)  Any future ring-fencing of money raised from workplace parking, etc., should not have any influence whatsoever on future RSG settlements.


    (a)  It is disappointing that the Government has neither programmed nor budgeted for any improvement on the A14, the A1 south of Brampton Hut or the A1/A14 Link to Alconbury. The proposed studies were very welcome, but are unlikely to result in any measures being available to reduce or minimise traffic congestion within the district in the foreseeable future.

    (b)  Schemes to reduce accidents, improve signing could be undertaken in the short- term to reduce and minimise the amount of accidents which occur on the A14.

David Monks

Chief Executive

22 September 1998

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Prepared 28 April 1999