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Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 3 February 1999.


Terms of Reference


Oral Evidence
Oral evidence referred to in this Report includes evidence taken by the Committee during its inquiry into Public Expenditure Plans of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, published as HC (1997-98) 745-i to 745-v; and evidence taken during its inquiry into Sierra Leone, published as HC (1997-98) 1057-i to 1057-iv and HC (1998-99) 116-i. The subject was initially raised during an evidence session in the Committee's inquiry into Foreign Policy and Human Rights, published as HC (1997-98) 369-vii, and with the Committee's report on that subject, HC (1998-99) 100-II.
The complete Minutes of Evidence relating to this inquiry are republished in the second volume of this Report as HC 116-II, together with written memoranda received.
Question numbers in the oral evidence (Q numbers) remain the same in HC 116-II as in the previously published versions. Page numbers, however, differ in HC 116-II from those in the previous versions. All footnote references in the Report giving page numbers (eg Evidence, pp.79-82) are thus to HC 116-II and not to the previously published versions.

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