Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Seventh Report


The Foreign Affairs Committee has agreed to the following Report:—


1. Throughout the present crisis in Kosovo, the Foreign Affairs Committee has held regular sessions of oral evidence with Ministers. On 19 March 1998 and 26 January 1999, we took evidence from Mr Tony Lloyd MP, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). The Foreign Secretary appeared before the Committee on three occasions while the NATO campaign was taking place—on 14 April, 28 April and 19 May—and once since the successful conclusion of the campaign—on 13 July. We publish this evidence, together with several memoranda we have received from the FCO, with this interim report. We express our gratitude to Mr Lloyd, and particularly to the Foreign Secretary for his willingness to appear regularly before the Committee at a time when he had much to occupy him. We are also grateful to the officials who appeared with Ministers.

2. The Committee has decided that it should build upon the evidence it has received, and undertake a wider and deeper inquiry. It has announced the following terms of reference:

"To inquire into the foreign policy lessons of the Kosovo crisis and how the Foreign and Commonwealth Office might best promote peace and stability in the region."

Written evidence has been invited by 30 September, and the Committee anticipates taking further oral evidence in late November.

3. This interim report is published to bring together in one volume the evidence the Committee has received so far, and to help publicise our wider inquiry.

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Prepared 29 July 1999