Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Minutes of Evidence

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  UK now has 10,400 troops in Kosovo out of eventual total of 13,000. The total number of KFOR personnel in Kosovo is 26,000 out of expected total of 50,000-60,000.


  The UK will give an initial contribution of USD 1 million to the UN Trust Fund for Kosovo.

  The UK is ready to transfer seven policemen from Bosnia and to supply 60 more from UK police forces to the international police force. The UK is also ready to contribute around 10 per cent of the OSCE's expected 750 personnel for the institutions-building component of the UN Mission.

OSCE Mission

  The UK expects to supply around 10 per cent of the approximately 450 international staff required for the OSCE Mission. In addition to supplying personnel the UK will contribute 10.34 per cent of the overall Mission cost.


  A team of UK Scenes of Crime experts (with a complement of 16 officers) are working on the sites of some of the worst atrocities in Kosovo.


  The UK has committed £90 million in bilateral humanitarian aid to the region since March 1999. Over 50 DfID-funded personnel are in the region working in Field Offices or as technical experts on attachment to other organisations. They include logisticians, camp planners, health, water and sanitation specialists, air operations staff and convoy drivers.

Mine Action

  The UK has made a substantial and early contribution to mine action in Kosovo.

  To date, the UK has contributed over £1 million towards demining related activities in Kosovo. This includes financial and equipment donations to the new UN Mine Action Co-ordination Centre in Pristina, funding of an immediate danger area survey conducted by The Halo Trust, provision of equipment to The Halo Trust, the deployment of the rapid response demining/unexploded ordnance disposal teams and the deployment of a programme development and management officer to co-ordinate the UK mine action programme. The UK is considering further mine action projects in the region.

  The UK fully supports the UN Mine Action Service as the international focal point for mine action in the region. The UK's mine action programme has been implemented in consultation with and in direct response to needs identified by the UN Mine Action Service and its Co-ordination Centre in Pristina.

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