Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence - Sixth Report

Annex B


  BI organised two seminars, in Almaty, Kazakhstan and Tashkent, Uzbekistan, the main message of both being project finance. The seminars focused in particular on "unlocking value" in the oil and gas sector. Dr Andreas Prindl of Nomura Bank International led the team.

  Each centre had a combination of a morning seminar, two workshops during the afternoon, followed by an evening reception. The guest lists were co-ordinated by the National Bank in each country (NB this is not the Central Bank in Uzbekistan), in conjunction with the Posts.

  In Almaty the event was held in a hotel, including the reception. In Tashkent the event was held at the Banking and Finance Academy, with the reception being held at the Ambassador's Residence. Press was handled by both Posts, with the press release originally being produced by the Corporation of London's Press Office on behalf of British Invisibles. Subsequent press coverage is being monitored by the Posts.


  The format of seminar, workshops, press conference and reception worked well. The format of reception varied. In Almaty everyone attending the seminar was invited. In Tashkent government officials and local representatives of international organisations were also invited. Workshops worked particularly well in Tashkent, where questions were asked of the audience. The audience was also closer to the speakers (lecture theatre used). Registration worked well in both centres, with help from both Posts and National Bank in Uzbekistan. Presentations were for the most part good, although with hindsight the level of some was aimed too high for the audience.


  Seminars felt to be a success by both Posts and team. Good attendance in both centres (between 80-100). Audience appreciated format. Found presentations and discussions to be useful and interesting. Do not like to be lectured to, and did not feel that we had lectured. British Invisibles' close relationship with the Posts in both countries helped enormously with the organisation.

  A follow-up lunch was held at Nomura Bank International in May for all participants.

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