Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence - Sixth Report


Letter to the Clerk of the Committee from the Parliamentary Relations Department, FCO, 2 July 1999

  Would you please refer to your recent telephone conversation with Ed Webb, Eastern Department, about ASSIST-funded English Language Training (ELT) for Central Asia and the south Caucasus, and about high-level visits from Tajikistan.

  The table of UKMTAS/ASSIST expenditure at paragraph 11 of our Supplementary Memorandum (FCO/FAC/017-99) [see p. 216 above] did not include the sums spent on ELT, which has a separate budget line. The additional figures are as follows:
Country1996-97 1997-981998-99 1999-2000
Kyrgyzstan1,5824,000 7,392
Turkmenistan4,34828,558 30,923

  The above covers attendance at UK ELT Summer Schools organised by the British Council on our behalf, except in the case of Turkmenistan which benefited from an in-country ELT consultant. The latter project has now been taken over by the Directorate for Central & Eastern Europe at the Ministry of Defence.

  We should also have mentioned another ASSIST-related budget for Police and Other Training (POLOT). This scheme, which has now been subsumed into the main ASSIST programme, was used in 1998-99 to pay for a Georgian (£8,266) and two Armenians (£16,680) to attend Disaster Management courses.

  I apologise for the omissions, which were caused by the changing budget arrangements for these schemes. Those responsible for managing the budgets confirm that you now have all the relevant information.

  Finally, I confirm that we know of only one official top-level visit from Tajikistan since independence, that of Prime Minister Azimov in April 1997.

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Prepared 27 July 1999