Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Fourth Report


Memoranda or supplementary memoranda submitted by:

1.  Sir Robert J Peliza, former Chief Minister and Speaker, Gibraltar  

2.  Self Determination for Gibraltar Group  

3.  Mr Christopher J Pitaluga  

4.  Joint Foreign Affairs Committee, Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party and the Liberal Party of Gibraltar  

5.  Mr A Danino  

6.  Mr Steve Civil  

7.  Miss Mary Hirst  

8.  Dr Ken Ruiz  

9.  Dr Ken Ruiz: Supplementary Memorandum  

10.  Mr Alan Kelly  

11.  Mrs A R Kelly  

12.  Patricia Brooks  

13.  Derek Wyatt MP  

14.  Mr Michael Bonifacio  

15.  Rev John Page  

16.  Mr Donald Latin  

17.  Mr Nicholas Peter Cruz  

18.  Mr Levi J Attias  

19.  Sr Rafael Estrella  

20.  Mr Aurelio Falero  

21.  Gibraltar Labour Party Association for the Advancement of Civil Rights  

22.  Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce  

23.  Mr Nicholas R Vasquez  

24.  Marjorie Hoare MBE  

25.  Rock Firm (War Veterans) Group  

26.  Mr Keith Lawrence  

27.  The European Movement  

28.  FCO Supplementary Memorandum  

29.  Mr Jim Watt  

30.  Letter from Parliamentary Relations Department, FCO , 5.5.99  

31.  Letter from Parliamentary Relations Department, FCO, 7.5.99  

32.  Letter from Parliamentary Relations Department, FCO, 14.5.99  

33.  Article in El Mundo, 3.3.99 and letter from British Ambassador in Madrid, published in El Mundo, 4.3.99  

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© Parliamentary copyright 1999
Prepared 22 June 1999