Select Committee on Food Standards First Report


Submitted by Mrs L Campion


  The Food Labelling Regulation 1996 requires all foods or listed ingredients of food, which have been irradiated, to be labelled with the words:

    Irradiated or Treated with Ionising Radiation

  Why has this regulation not been enforced?

  We know that irradiated fruit is imported into this country but I have never seen labels indicating irradiation. Spanish cherries will not change their appearance for five to six weeks after being purchased and this is how one can tell the fruit has been treated.


  If a product at the point of sale, contains 5 per cent or less of GE soya, so that this product does not require labelling, surely this will open the way for millions more tons of GE soya to be grown and imported into Europe?

  GE-Free is the labelling that the public requires. This means exactly what it says.

  Soya derivatives such as lecithin, tofu, vegetable protein, etc., must have the GE-Free varieties clearly labelled as such.

  Clear lettering and truthful wording is what the general public desires, not miniscule printing and incomprehensible wording.

  Substantially Equivalent is a good example of obsecure information.

  I wish the Agency every success and pray that it will set an example of truth and honesty in which we can put our trust.

March 1999

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Prepared 12 April 1999