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  395.  It is emphasised that the following is offered as an example, not as a specific case to be investigated by the Committee.

  396.  Oliver Thrower was born on 12 April 1987. For his first 14 months, apart from ear infections and a virus at age seven months, he was perfectly healthy. He had his monovalent measles vaccine on 7 June 1988, at 14 months. At about 15 months, his parents noticed with concern that all development had stopped.

  397.  Oliver's loss of development and regression appeared to follow a gradual course of degeneration in the following weeks. All language development ceased at the same time. Creative play ceased. Oliver was at 16 months unable to undertake many of the tasks and actions that he had been able to do at 13 months. His attention span broke down so that he would concentrate on one activity for very little time, usually barely more than a minute, or even less. He lost eye contact, would appear to be in a "world of his own" for much of the time.

  398.  By 1991, at age three, his development was still severely delayed. Little or no improvement in development had taken place since his degeneration following immunisation in 1988.

  399.  His MMR vaccination was on 16 April 1991, at age four years. Although already severely developmentally delayed, his subsequent progress was halted completely, and, in relation to his age, regressed even further:

    —  a reduction in his already limited repertoire of activities;

    —  markedly greater destructiveness;

    —  his behaviour became markedly more routinised;

    —  increased screaming and screeching;

    —  he would frequently bite us hard and scratch our faces;

    —  he would pull our hair, and would attack other children;

    —  his toilet behaviour worsened markedly, with increased soiling out of the house being accompanied by ingestion of faeces, smearing and irregularity of bowel movement.

  400.  Oliver's physical symptoms following MMR were:

    —  excessive sweating, especially at night;

    —  excessive thirst;

    —  intermittent diarrhoea and constipation (cycle);

    —  unawareness/lack of eye contact;

    —  hyperactivity;

    —  acute sleeping problems;

    —  red cheeks and very bright hot ears after eating;

    —  dark rings under the eyes;

    —  enlarged pupils at certain times after eating.

  401.  Oliver's worsened condition remained through the years beyond 1991, and continue up to the present day. He has shown no remission. He continues to experience his severe problems, such as a total lack of speech, poor self-help skills (cannot dress himself, feeds messily, spills drink and food, only limited ability to play with pre-school toys, etc), almost total lack of toileting skills including smearing and ingestion of faeces, and hyperactivity including jumping, running about, screetching, and other intermittent behavioural difficulties. His autism and his multiple food hypersensitivities are clearly interconnected.

  402.  We are convinced that he was a normal healthy child up to the age of about 14 months, when we believe he was very severely damaged by monovalent measles vaccine. We are also convinced that he was severely damaged a second time at age four by MMR. We have since refused all vaccination.

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Prepared 27 July 1999