Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Further Memorandum from the Sports Council for Northern Ireland

Q47. "Government Commitments"

  My language is a little loose.

  A better phrase would have been "commitments as a result of Government inspired initiatives and/or decisions". Examples are United Kingdom Sports Institute and the Millennium Festival.

  In both cases Government decided these were a good thing and that Lottery should be the funding mechanism.

  Sports Council for Northern Ireland is therefore committed to paying 2.8 per cent of the Lottery contribution from its already modest Lottery allocation. This reduces its discretionary spend.

  A further example is the recent decision by the "Sports Cabinet" to increase the Lottery allocation to the United Kingdom Sports Council from £17.5 million to £20.5 million. This decreases our Lottery allocation.

Q45. Re: Reply to Mr Hunters Question

  SCNI has allocated £30 million from its Lottery.

  This supports approximately 50 per cent of costs of those aspects supported in all schemes.

  Those aspects supported account for approximately 50 per cent of the overall proposals.

  Mr O'Connor's point was that the £30 million from Lottery levers some £120 million spend.

Question 45

  The attached table is in response to the Chairman's request to provide an analysis of Capital Grants paid by the Department of Education in a common currency.

  The "common currency" is achieved by multiplying the actual grant received each year by a GDP deflator index in order to determine what that grant is now worth in today's terms.

Comparison of Capital Grants paid by the Department of Education 1974 to 1998 in Real Terms
1974-751982-83 1990-911991-921993-94 1995-961997-98
Financial year££ £££ ££
Total grant received1,593,530 8,000,000637,3921,406,582 1,715,8611,147,803163,292
GDP Deflator Index1/17.832 X 1/51.814 X1/80.505 X 1/85.497 X1/90.671 X 1/94.645 X1/100 X
105.063105.063 105.063105.063105.063 105.063105.063
Grant expressed in today's terms
using 1999 as the base year
9,388,79716,221,562831,827 1,728,4781,988,2151,274,147 171,559

15 April 1999

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Prepared 20 May 1999