Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by Eastern Group plc


  Thank you for your letter of 8 March 1999. I am certainly pleased to assist your enquiry by providing the following information.

  We have 3.3 million electricity customers within our region, of which the following were without supply as a direct result of the Christmas storms (the figure in brackets is for all customers off supply and includes non-storm related faults).
Friday 25 December- (3,544)
Saturday 26 December6,402 (9,952)
Sunday 27 December598 (4,735)
Monday 28 December161 (619)
Tuesday 29 December2,917 (5,977)
Wednesday 30 December1,897 (7,140)
Thursday 31 December1,453 (4,239)

  At the peak, 0.2 per cent of customers were without supply due to the storms and 0.3 per cent when non-storm related faults are included.

  During this period our restoration of supply performance was as follows:
DurationNumber of Customers
0-3 hours32,797 (90.5 per cent)
3-12 hours3,317 (9.2 per cent)
12-24 hours92 (0.3 per cent)
24-48 hoursNil
48-72 hoursNil
72 hours+Nil

  As none of our customers were off supply for more than 24 hours no Guaranteed Standard, or any other form of compensation payment, was made.

  It may help in your comparisons with NIE, and other electricity companies, to know that the maximum wind speed we experienced during this period was 59 miles per hour at 2100 hours on Saturday, 26 December 1998.

12 March 1999

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Prepared 29 July 1999