Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by PowerGen UK plc


  Thank you for your letter of 8 March to East Midlands Electricity. I am replying as East Midlands Electricity is now part of the PowerGen group.

  The attached note responds to your questions in as much detail as we are able to supply.


  This note responds to the Clerk's letter of 8 March 1999 asking for details of loss of supply to electricity customers attributed to adverse weather conditions in East Midlands Electricity's area over the last Christmas and New Year holiday period. East Midlands Electricity has been part of the PowerGen group since June 1998.

  East Midlands Electricity was not as seriously affected by the storm conditions as Northern Ireland Electricity. The following table gives details of customers without supply both as a result of storm damage and as a result of all incidents:
DateNumber without supply as a result of storm damage Percentage of customer baseTotal number without supply
Saturday 26 December6,765 0.39,832
Sunday 27 December826 0.042,812
Monday 28 December1,792 0.084,041
Tuesday 29 December47 negligible2,624
Wednesday 30 December48 negligible1,726
Thursday 31 December2 negligible7,050

  The East Midlands Electricity customer base in 1998 was 2,321,734. We do not have separate data for speed of restoration of supply for those customers without supply as a result of storm damage. However, details of restoration times for all customers over the period 26 December to 31 December are:
Length of time without supplyNumber of customers
0-3 hours23,592
3-12 hours4,261
12-24 hours217
24-48 hours15

  No payments for compensation for storm related loss of supply were made either on an ex gratia basis or because of any failure to meet guaranteed standards.

19 March 1999

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Prepared 29 July 1999