Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by South Wales Electricity plc

  The weather experienced in South Wales during this period did not result in our Severe Weather Emergency Plan being fully invoked, although high wind speeds and lightning were experienced.

  As requested, I have provided below details of customers who experienced an interruption to their electricity supply as a result of faults caused by the adverse weather conditions mentioned above.

  As the duration of the supply interruptions to customers was well below 24 hours, no compensation payments were made.
NumberPer cent
Total Number of Customers "Off Supply" 32,07213.37
Restoration of Electricity Supply within 3 hours 30,56695.3
Restoration of Electricity Supply within 3 to 12 hours 1,5064.7
1 Customer Base 950,000.

  (The above analysis includes faults relating to high winds and lightning.)

22 March 1999

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Prepared 29 July 1999