Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Minutes of Evidence


Guaranteed Standards of Performance
ServicePerformance level Penalty payment
1Replacement of NIE main fuse after failure Within 4 hours£20
2Restoring supply after distribution faults Within 24 hours of supplier becoming aware of fault £40 for domestic customers
£100 non-domestic customers
Plus £20 for each additional
12 hours
3Install meter and turn on electricity supply Within 3 working days (domestic customers) or within 5 working days (non-domestic customers) £20
Plus £40 (domestic) or
£100 (non-domestic) for failure to keep appointment
4Providing you with an estimate for changing the position for your meter or for a new electricity supply Within 10 working days for connections to existing lines
and 20 working days for others
5Notice of planned supply interruption 2 days£20 domestic customers
£40 non-domestic customers
6Investigation of voltage complaints Within 10 working days£20 plus £20 for failure to keep appointment
7Investigation of meter accuracy disputes Within 10 working days£20 plus £20 for failure to keep appointment
8Responding to queries on charges or payments Within 10 working days£20
9Morning and afternoon appointments to be offered and kept Between 8.30-13.00 or
12.00-17.00 Mon-Fri
10Making of payments owed under the standards Within 10 working days£20


Overall Standards of Performance
ServicePerformance level
1Restoration of supply following system faults 85 per cent in 3 hours
99 per cent in 24 hours
2Correction of voltage problems 85 per cent in 6 months
3Provision of new low voltage supplies 90 per cent in 30 working days (domestic)
90 per cent in 40 working days (non-domestic)
4Reconnection of customers disconnected for non payment 100 per cent the working day after arrears are paid
5Relocation of ordinary meters 90 per cent in 15 working days
6Change of meter due to change of tariff 90 per cent within 10 working days
7Meter reading99 per cent at least once a year
8Responding to customer letters 95 per cent in 10 working days
9Recalibration of pre-payment meters 85 per cent within 10 weeks of the due date

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© Parliamentary copyright 1999
Prepared 29 July 1999