Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Minutes of Evidence


1. Number of Statemented Children1,591
2. Categories
Learning Difficulties:
Moderate Learning Difficulties794
Severe Learning Difficulties215
Specific Learning Difficulties62
Physical Disabilities117
Sensory Impairments:
Hearing Impaired63
Visually Impaired57
Speech and Language74
Medical Conditions146
3. Number educated in other Board areas152
4. Number of Statements being processed790
5. Number of requests for requests/referrals for Statements between
(a) September 1995-May 1996355
(June 1996-August 1996)85
(b) September 1996-May 1997385
(June 1997-August 1997)95
6. Number of specialist and peripatetic teachers:
Hearing Impaired3
Visually Impaired1
Down's Syndrome1
Specific Learning Difficulties (including literacy)19
Hospital and Home Teaching Service4
7. Number of Psychologists23

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© Parliamentary copyright 1999
Prepared 19 April 1999