Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by Northern Ireland Department of Economic Development


  Lord Dubs, Under Secretary of State, Northern Ireland Office and Patricia Hewitt MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, accompanied by officials, gave oral evidence on 23 June to the NI Affairs Committee in connection with its inquiry into the illegal sale of fuel oils. The Committee specifically requested additional information relating to the number of fuel samples taken by Trading Standards Officers in the last 12 months, and employment levels in the transport sector.


  Between June 1998 and June 1999 Trading Standards Officers took three samples of petrol and 12 of diesel in response to complaints/enquiries from the public. This is an area where Trading Standards Officers have not in the past found any breaches of the Weights and Measures or Trade Descriptions legislation.


  The Quarterly Employment Survey covering land transport and transport via pipelines indicates a rising trend in employment levels as follows:
March 199810,170
June 199810,210
September 199810,310
December 199810,610
March 199910,780

  The latest Census of Employment data (1997) provides more detailed information whereby figures can be extracted for freight transport by roads. Even so, this category includes other activities as well as road haulage. The latest figures from the 1997 Census show 5,040 employee jobs in the freight transport by roads category, an increase of 602 on the 1995 Census.

Department of Economic Development

20 July 1999

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