Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum from the Northern Ireland Committee, Irish Congress of Trade Unions


  Further to your correspondence of 31 July inviting comment on the above review, please find enclosed the following submissions made by the Northern Ireland Committee ICTU in recent years.

    —  1st submission to SACHR on the Employment Equality Review.[1]

    —  2nd submission to SACHR on the Employment Equality Review.[1]

    —  Submission on the Review of the Industrial Tribunals and Fair Employment Tribunal.[1]

    —  Response to the White Paper—Partnership for Equality—currently being dealt with under the Northern Ireland Bill.[1]

  These reflect in general terms the NIC's views on this area.

  However one point of concern can be highlighted by the failure of employers in the private sector to consult with trade unions when reviewing their employment practices and procedures. We can obtain little evidence that employers are doing so and we believe it would be beneficial if a requirement were to be placed on employers to consult with recognised trade unions when undertaking these reviews.

21 September 1998

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Prepared 30 July 1999