Select Committee on Procedure Fourth Report

Standing Order No. 147

(1) There shall be a select committee, to be called the Procedure Committee, to consider the practice and procedure of the House in the conduct of public business, and to make recommendations.

(2) The committee shall consist of not more than seventeen Members.

(3) The quorum of the committee shall be five.

(4) The committee shall have power to send for persons, papers and records, to sit notwithstanding any adjournment of the House, to adjourn from place to place and to report from time to time.

(5) Unless the House otherwise orders, each Member nominated to the committee shall continue to be a member of it for the remainder of the Parliament.

Thursday 31 July 1997

The following were nominated as members of the Procedure Committee:

Sir Paul Beresford
Mr Keith Darvill
Mr David Drew
Mr Clive Efford
Lorna Fitzsimons
Mr Barry Gardiner
Mr Damian Green
Mr Eric Illsley
Chris McCafferty
Helen Southworth
Mr Paul Stinchcombe
Mr Andrew Stunell
Mr Paul Tyler
Mr Nicholas Winterton

Tuesday 28 October 1997

Mr Nicholas Winterton was called to the Chair.

Friday 7 November 1997

Mr Paul Tyler discharged; Mr Edward Davey added.

Thursday 5 November 1998

Mr Damian Green discharged; Mr Robert Syms added.

Tuesday 9 February 1999

Helen Southworth discharged; Mr Colin Burgon added.

Friday 16 April 1999

Mr Paul Stinchcombe discharged; Mr Nigel Griffiths added.

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Prepared 24 May 1999