Select Committee on Procedure Fourth Report


54. This report presents some broad principles for dealing with devolution and recommends approaches to the problems we consider are most likely to be pressing. At this stage, we have been surprised to the extent to which our recommendations have been generally applicable, even though, as our witnesses stressed, the devolution settlement in Scotland is very different to that in Wales and when devolution comes, as we hope it will, to Northern Ireland, it will take a different form again. The implementation of devolution is likely to throw up more procedural questions, and these may require different solutions for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. We also stress that although the principles we have set out are uniform, their application will not result in uniformity. We fully expect the practice of the House to evolve in a way which reflects the diversity of the devolution settlements and the concerns of the Members of Parliament for the constituent parts of the United Kingdom. It is impossible at this stage to predict the nature of that evolution but given the importance of the project, we will continue to monitor it closely. We will keep this subject under review and we would welcome any submissions our colleagues at Westminster or in the devolved legislatures wished to make.

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Prepared 24 May 1999