Select Committee on Procedure Fourth Report


1 Letter from Sir David Madel MP
2 Letter from Mr Tim Collins CBE MP
3 Letter from Mr Bill O'Brien JP MP
4 Letter from Mr Elfyn Llwyd MP
5 Letter from Sir Teddy Taylor MP
6 Letter from Mr Kevin McNamara MP
7 Letter from Mr John Townend FCA MP
8 Letter from Dr John Marek MP
9 Letter from Mrs Angela Browning MP
10 Letter from Mr Ian Harris, Clerk of the House of Representatives, Parliament of Australia
11 Letter from Mr Russell D Grove, Clerk to the Legislative Assembly, Parliament of Australia
12 Letter from Rachel Squire MP
13 Letter from Rt Hon Eric Forth MP
14 Letter from Mr Jim Wallace QC MP
15 Letter from Mr Martin O'Neill MP, Chairman of the Trade and Industry Committee
16 Letter from Mr Andrew S Bennett MP and Hon Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody MP, Chairmen of the Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee
17 Letter from Dr Michael Clark MP
18 Memorandum from the Clerk of the House of Commons
19 Letter from Mr Peter Luff MP, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee
20 Letter from Mr David Hinchliffe MP, Chairman of the Health Committee
21 Letter from Mr Archy Kirkwood MP, Chairman of the Social Security Committee
22 Letter from Mr Chris Mullin MP, Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee
23 Letter from Mr Malcolm Wicks MP and Rt Hon Derek Foster MP, Chairmen of the Education and Employment Committee
24 Memorandum from the Scottish National Party
25 Letter from Rt Hon Gerald Kaufman MP, Chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee
26 Letter from the Clerk of the Select Committee on Public Administration
27 Letter from Mr Stan Smith
28 Further Memorandum from the Study of Parliament Group
29 Letter from the Clerk of the Administration Committee
30 Letter from Mr Jimmy Hood MP, Chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee
31 Memorandum from the Clerk of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee
32 Letter from Mr David Tredinnick MP, Chairman of the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments

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© Parliamentary copyright 1999
Prepared 24 May 1999