Select Committee on Procedure Minutes of Evidence


Letter from the Clerk of the Select Committee on Public Administration to the Clerk of the Procedure Committee

  Thank you for your letter about the Procedure Committee's inquiry concerning how the House might scrutinise reserved matters as they operate in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. My Committee considered the matter on Tuesday 23 February.

  The Committee agreed that it needed to consider the subject of devolution and the Civil Service more broadly, and has decided to take evidence on the subject, probably towards the end of May. Although they did not come to a firm conclusion on the options that were proposed in your letter, they did indicate that they are interested in the impact of devolution on the Civil Service, and would expect to continue to take an interest in Civil Service issues across the UK. This would not necessarily preclude the regional Committees at Westminster becoming interested in these subjects.

25 February 1999

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Prepared 24 May 1999