Select Committee on Public Administration Memoranda


Catherine Jones[310]

  I am writing in response to the Government's Consultation Document on the draft Freedom of Information Bill. I would like to add my voice to the call for any Freedom of Information Act to include the repeal or amendment of S.24 of the 1986 Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act. The Labour Government committed itself to freedom of information before the election, and that promise must be kept. I take the view that a government committed to freedom of information must include all the issues that the public feel strongly about—otherwise the promise of open government is meaningless.

    —  There must be wider scientific scrutiny of animal Project Licence applications so that non-animal alternatives can be suggested.

    —  Names/locations of applicants do not need to be released (although the issue of personal endangerment does not arise as such details are already in the public domain).

July 1999

310    The Committee received over 2,300 similar representations from individual supporters/members of The National Anti-Vivisection Society. Back

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Prepared 16 August 1999