Select Committee on Science and Technology First Report

The Science and Technology Committee is appointed under Standing Order No. 152 to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Office of Science and Technology and associated public bodies.

  The Committee consists of 11 Members. It has a quorum of three. Unless the House otherwise orders, all Members nominated to the Committee continue to be Members of it for the remainder of the Parliament.

  The Committee has power:

  (a)  to send for persons, papers and records, to sit notwithstanding any adjournment of the House, to adjourn from place to place, and to report from time to time;

  (b)  to appoint specialist advisers either to supply information which is not readily available or to elucidate matters of complexity within the Committee's order of reference;

  (c)  to communicate to any other such committee and to the European Scrutiny Committee, to the Committee of Public Accounts, to the Deregulation Committee and to the Environmental Audit Committee its evidence and any other documents relating to matters of common interest; and

  (d)  to meet concurrently with any other such committee for the purposes of deliberating, taking evidence, or considering draft reports or with the European Scrutiny Committee or any sub-committee thereof for the purposes of deliberating or taking evidence.

  The following were nominated Members of the Committee on 14 July 1997:

Mr David Atkinson  Mr Nigel Jones

Mr Nigel Beard  Dr Ashok Kumar

Dr Michael Clark  Mrs Caroline Spelman

Mrs Claire Curtis-Thomas  Dr Desmond Turner

Dr Ian Gibson  Dr Alan W. Williams

Dr Lynne Jones

Dr Michael Clark was elected Chairman on 30 July 1997.

On 22 June 1998 Mrs Caroline Spelman was discharged from and Mrs Jacqui Lait added to the Committee.

On 30 November 1998 Mr David Atkinson was discharged from and Mr Ian Taylor added to the Committee.

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Prepared 18 May 1999