Select Committee on Social Security First Report


17 June 1998 [HC 827-i]
Mr Martin Taylor [Q.1 to Q.73] 1
23 June 1998 [HC 827-ii]
Mr Richard Baron, Deputy Head of Policy Unit, Institute of Directors, and Mr Bill Knox, Employment Affairs Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses [Q.74 to Q.151] 18
7 July 1998 [HC 827-iii]
Ms Pauline Thompson MBE and Ms Marilyn Howard, Disablement Income Group, and Mr Brian McGinnis, Disability Benefits Consortium [Q.152 to 198]. 41
28 October1998 [HC 827-iv]
Mr Gabs Makhlouf, Head of Work Incentives and Poverty Analysis, HM Treasury; Mr Tony Orhnial, Assistant Director of the Personal Tax Division, Mr George Rowing, Policy Adviser, Ms Sue Walsh, Project Manager, Inland Revenue [Q.199 to Q.363] 54

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Prepared 2 December 1998