Select Committee on Social Security Report


Child Benefit recipients disaggregated by income distribution and family type: Before housing costs

Income quintileMarried couple Co-habiting coupleLone parent
First quintile: up to £153885,000 (18 per cent) 115,000 (27 per cent)555,000 (34 per cent)
Second quintile: £153-206790,000 (16 per cent) 105,000 (25 per cent)590,000 (36 per cent)
Third quintile: £206-2761,145,000 (24 per cent) 80,000 (18 per cent)310,000 (19 per cent)
Fourth quintile: £276-3831,090,000 (23 per cent) 70,000 (16 per cent)120,000 (7 per cent)
Fifth quintile: above £383910,000 (19 per cent) 55,000 (13 per cent)55,000 (4 per cent)
Total4,820,000425,000 1,630,000
Source 1995-96 Family Resource Survey.
Based on equivalised income (equivalised incomes are the adjustment of actual incomes to allow for the fact that £100 can provide a higher standard of living for a one person benefit unit than for a two or three person benefit unit) before the deduction of housing costs.
Caseloads have been rounded to the nearest 5,000 and percentages to the nearest percentage point.
Figures may not sum to the total because of rounding.
Figures are at 1995-96 prices and are based on data taken from the 1995-96 Family Resources Survey. The figures have been rounded to the nearest pound.

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Prepared 4 March 1999