Select Committee on Social Security Report

1. The "Bare Essentials": Parents' Minimum for children
Sue Middleton and Michelle Thomas1994
2. Breadline Britain in the 1990sGordon and Pantazis 1997
3. Families, Work and BenefitsAlan Marsh and Stephen Mckay PSI 1993
4. The Cost of a ChildPiachaud 1979
5. The Costs of Children and the Welfare State Dickins, Fry and PashardesDecember 1996
6. Small FortunesMiddleton Ashworth and Braithwaite 1997
7. In Search of a policy: The Rationale for Social Security Provision for One Parent Families
Joan BrownNACOPF 1988
8. Household Budgets and Living Standards Jonathan Bradshaw1983
9. The Costs of Lone Parents—In Budget Standard for the United Kingdom
Peter Whiteford and Leslie Hicks, Jonathan Bradshaw Avebury 1983
10. The Cost of a ChildOldfield and Yu CPAG 1983
11. Children and Households Living Standards Banks and Johnson1993
12. Poverty and The Lone Parent Family: The Challenge to Social Policy
Jane MillarAvebury 1989
13. Relative Needs: Variations in Living Standards of Different Types of Households
Berthoud and Ford1996

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Prepared 4 March 1999