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Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 15 September 1999.



Members present:

Mr Archy Kirkwood, in the Chair
Ms Karen Buck
Mr Andrew Dismore
Mrs Joan Humble
Mr Edward Leigh
Dr Doug Naysmith
Mr Chris Pond


Memorandum submitted by National Association for Child Support Action (NACSA) (CS 36)

Examination of Witness

MR ANDY FARQUARSON, National Association for Child Support Action, was examined.

Question Numbers:

270 - 279

280 - 302

Memorandum submitted by Families Need Fathers (CS 32)

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Case Study 4

Case Study 5

Case Study 6

Examination of Witnesses

MR JIM PARTON, Chairman, MS KAREN RANDALL and MR BARRY PEARSON, Families Need Fathers, were examined.

Question Numbers:

303 - 319

320 - 339

340 - 348

Memorandum submitted by Professor Jonathan Bradshaw and Ms Christine Skinner, University of York
(CS 23)

Examination of Witnesses

PROFESSOR JONATHAN BRADSHAW, University of York, and PROFESSOR JANE MILLAR, University of Bath, were examined.

Question Numbers:

349 - 359

360 - 367

Supplementary note from Professor Jonathan Bradshaw (CS 46)

Memorandum submitted by The Children's Society (CS 37)

Examination of Witnesses

MR ROGER SMITH, Social Policy Manager, and MS NATALIE CRONIN, Social Policy Officer, The Children's Society, were examined.

Question Numbers:

368 - 380

Memorandum submitted by PCS—the Public and Commercial Services Union (CS 19)

Examination of Witnesses

MR MALCOLM TETLEY, National Officer, MR CHARLES LAW Group Assistant Secretary and MS MOIRA CAMPBELL, Group President, the Public and Commercial Services Union, were examined.

Question Numbers:

381 - 399

400 - 412

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Prepared 19 October 1999