Select Committee on Social Security Minutes of Evidence

Case Study 5


  Both parents earn £250 net per week, a low-to-middle income.

  The PWC looks after their son for 5 nights per week, the other parent for 2 nights per week.

  In total, they spend £105 per week on their son, probably a little higher than average.


  The PWC only spends £14.60 from her earned income on their son, because:

    —  She receives all the Child Benefit (even when she doesn't have their son).

    —  She receives Child Support of £27 per week.

    —  She doesn't make any contribution for the time when the other parent is catering for their son (and neither does the state).

  The other parent spends £56 per week on their son from his earned income.

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Prepared 19 October 1999