Select Committee on Social Security Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary note from Professor Jonathan Bradshaw (CS 46)

  1. When I was giving evidence I suggested that about half of the work of the CSA under the new regime would be to transfer £5 per week from NRP on Income Support to PWC on Income Support. Chris Pond pointed out that my evidence suggested that only 30 per cent of NRP were not working. My reply was that the 30 percent was for all NRP not just those with former partners on IS. Those with former partners on IS were more likely to be on IS themselves. But I had not done the work to justify the 50 per cent claim.

  2. I have now done a run on our survey. Only two thirds of the sample knew whether or not their former partner was on Income Support but 45 per cent of the fathers with partners known to be on Income Support were unemployed and/or on Income Support themselves compared to 26 per cent of those known not to be on Income Support. So not 50 per cent but close!

  3. I think that this ties in with CSA evidence that over half (you need to check the actual percentage) of those assessed are nil assessments. Presumably they will now be £5 cases.

September 1999

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Prepared 19 October 1999