Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Ninth Report

Reply to the Chairman of the Committee on Standards and Privileges from Mr Duncan Wiggetts of Herbert Smith Solicitors


Thank you for your letter of 12th May 1999.

I have obtained the Society's instructions to release to you and your Committee a copy of the report which we submitted to the Society earlier this year in respect of the transaction which your Committee is presently reviewing.

Whilst we understand the Committee's wide powers to require evidence and documents to be provided to it, and we do not wish in any way to hinder the Committee's review, we have been asked by the Society to request that, if at all possible, the report be kept confidential to the Committee and not be published with the Committee's final report on this matter. We should make it clear that Mr Mandelson himself was not provided at the time, and has still not been provided, with a copy of this report.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if either I or the Society can be of any further assistance.

13 May 1999

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Prepared 1 July 1999