Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Ninth Report

The sequence of events in the financing of Northumberland Place

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Easter 1996

Mr Mandelson discussed house purchase with his mother and she led him to believe she would provide finance for a house in addition to that he could raise on a mortgage

Select Committee evidence 18.5.99

23 May 1996

Mr Mandelson and Mr Robinson discussed loan at dinner at annex of Grosvenor House Hotel

"Mr Robinson would say later, when both men had resigned from the Government, that Mandelson had 'asked' for a loan. The Mandelson version was slightly different: he had explained he wanted to 'get settled' soon; .... Mandelson then told him that he would inherit a substantial legacy ... 'Fine I could tide you over' .... Mandelson now accepted some more immediate help from Robinson. As someone who knew about property, he could help him find a place. Together, driven by Robinson's chauffeur, they set out house hunting in W2 and W11."

GR letter to Chairman 17.5.99

Extract—Donald Macintyre

biography of PM

Summer 1996

Mr Mandelson and Mr Robinson viewed 2 or 3 properties in Notting Hill

Select Committee evidence 18.5.99

Before 30 August 1996

Mr Mandelson and Mr Robinson discussed the loan but agreement first reached between Mr Robinson and Mr Mandelson 14 or 15 October 1996

PM letter to Chairman 4.5.99

30 August 1996

30 August 1996

Mr Mandelson signed mortgage application

3 questions incorrectly answered re Hartlepool mortgage

Mortgage application form

EF conversation with PM 4.3.99

Mortgage application form

"Mr Mandelson told us at interview on 1 March that he thought he had mentioned this (the Hartlepool mortgage) as there was no reason for him not to reveal it (as it was going to be paid off out of the sale proceeds of his Wilmington Square flat). The Branch Manager told us at interview that he would have recorded the Hartlepool mortgage if he had been told about it, as it would have been relevant to underwriters."

Letter to EF from Herbert Smith 5.5.99

"I was not aware I needed to refer to it."

PM letter to Chairman 4.5.99

30 August 1996

Mr Mandelson said balance of purchase price to be provided by his family

PM interview for mortgage with Britannia Building Society branch manager

PM letter to Chairman 4.5.99

30 August 1996

Mr Mandelson signed mortgage application form "I confirm this form has been completed by myself or at my dictation and that the information given is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and all material information as explained above has been disclosed. I understand that if any answer has been written by any other person that person shall for that purpose be regarded as acting for me."

Mortgage application form

September 1996

Mr Mandelson told his mother the price of the house he was buying and the balance he needed from her

Select Committee evidence 18.5.99

20 September 1996

Contract made between Britannia Building Society and Mr Mandelson on basis of information on application form when offer of mortgage made

Telephone call Herbert Smith to EF 12.5.99

About 27 September 1996

Mr Mandelson discussed temporary loan for deposit with Mr Robinson

Select Committee evidence 18.5.99

late September 1996

Mr Robinson discussed loan with Wegg-Prosser and Farmer

GR letter to Chairman 17.5.99

2 October 1996

Mr Geoffrey Robinson's cheque for deposit given to Wegg-Prosser and Farmer

GR letter to Chairman 17.5.99

3 October 1996

Contracts exchanged

Telephone call from Herbert Smith to EF 12.5.99

14/15 October 1996

The terms which had been agreed between Mr Mandelson and Mr Robinson discussed on the telephone between Mr Robinson and Mr Wegg-Prosser, Mr Mandelson's solicitor, and memorandum drawn up and faxed to Mr Robinson.

Letter to EF from Mr W-P 25.3.99 and PM conversations with EF

23 October 1996

Completion on house

PM letter to EF 24.3.99

28 February 1997

Clerkenwell flat (Wilmington Sq) sold

PM letter to EF 24.3.99

Spring 1997

30 June 1997

Evening Standard asked questions of Mr Mandelson about the house purchase.

Evening Standard article

"The latest surefire way of arousing Mandelson is to ask about his new house in Notting Hill's Northumberland Place, which has cost as much as half a million pounds. This newspaper's inquiries into how he might have raised such a sum, and some conversations with his new neighbours, created the familiar storm. Eventually Mr Mandelson produced a perfectly reasonable explanation, though still protesting at the 'intrusion' into his private life. But is it really such an intrusion to ask an MP, then on £43,000 a year, how he could afford such a property?"

Mr Charles Reiss, Political Editor Evening Standard, telephone conversation with EF, 12.5.99. Letter from Editor, Evening Standard, Mr Max Hastings, to EF, 17.5.99

Evening Standard


27 July 1998

Mr Mandelson appointed Secretary of State for Trade and Industry

December 1998

Press questions to Mr Mandelson about house purchase

22 December 1998

Evening Standard article

"Peter Mandelson concealed the truth about how he paid for his Notting Hill house when directly asked about it by the Evening Standard in the spring of 1997."

Evening Standard


19 January 1999

Wegg-Prosser and Farmer inform Britannia Building Society of the loan on the Hartlepool property in response to inquiries from Britannia Building Society

Herbert Smith letter to EF of 5.5.99

8 April 1999

Mr Wegg-Prosser informs EF that Mr Mandelson and Mr Robinson had subsequently agreed that the interest payable on the loan would be compound

Letter from Wegg-Prosser and Farmer to EF 8.4.99

20 May 1999Elizabeth Filkin


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