Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Thirteenth and Fourteenth Report


The Marjorie Mowlam Research Fund

14 March 1991
(Letter from MM to Registrar)
Marjorie Mowlam Research Fund first registered: "Researcher, shared with another Member of Parliament, paid partly out of research and secretarial allowance, partly by grant from NALGO and partly from Marjorie Mowlam Research Fund, consisting of individual donations for research purposes".
19 May 1992
(Registration form signed by MM)
Above entry removed from Register at beginning of 1992 Parliament.
(Letter from MM to EF, 20 July 1999)
"I received a one-off donation from Greg Dyke in 1994".
12 January 1995
(Note from Registrar to EF) (Annex D)
MM telephoned the Registrar about reinstating her entry on the Marjorie Mowlam Research Fund.
12 January 1995
Letter from MM to Registrar) (Annex C)
Marjorie Mowlam Research Fund reinstated in Register: "Researcher paid for partly out of office expenses and partly out of individual donations to the Marjorie Mowlam Research Fund".
12 January 1995
(Letter Registrar to MM) (Annex B)
Entry confirmed.
(Annual Report of the Mirror Group, 1995)
£21,000 paid by Mirror Group "to support the work of the research assistant to the Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland".
28 March 1996
(Letter from MM to Sir Gordon Downey)
Entry of 12 January 1995 removed from Register before publication of 31 March 1996 edition.
28 April 1996
(Letter from John Marshall to Sir Gordon Downey)
Complaint received from John Marshall MP that £21,000 donation to fund from Mirror Group Newspapers ought to have been registered specifically.
30 April 1996
(Letter from MM to Sir Gordon Downey)
In her response to the complaint, Dr Mowlam refers only to the contribution from MGN. Attaching a copy of her 1995 Register entry, she says "The first time I set up the Fund I discussed the matter with the Registrar. The second time, I repeated the entry on the assumption that it was on the same basis as before". She concludes: "As the Marjorie Mowlam Research Fund was set up because I was hoping to receive a number of one-off payments from different sources, at different times and for different periods, I therefore believe it conforms with the rules. In retrospect it might have been better, with just one donation in the Fund, to declare its source but I was continually hopeful of receiving additional donations. I do not think I have broken the rules of Members' Interests, but if you or the Committee take the view that I have, I apologise."
24 July 1996
(Fifth Report of the Committee on Standards and Privileges, Session 1995-96)
The Committee endorse Sir Gordon's finding that "although Ms Mowlam has not breached the letter of the Rules, the spirit of these Rules would have been better served by disclosure of the source". Sir Gordon had discussed his conclusion with her, and she accepted it and offered her apologies to the House.
24 June 1999
(Letter from Peter Ainsworth to EF)

(Annex A)

Complaint received from Peter Ainsworth MP about donations made by Greg Dyke to the offices of Dr Mowlam and Dr Cunningham when they held the National Heritage brief in the last Parliament.
20 July 1999
(Letter from MM to EF in response to the complaint) (Annex B)
"I received a one-off donation from Greg Dyke in 1994 ..... I declared this interest retrospectively in the Register of Members' Interests in January 1995, which was the earliest opportunity, I believe, for me to have done so".
27 August 1999
(Letter from MM to EF) (Annex E)
"Firstly it should be re-confirmed that the donation by Greg Dyke was covered by my entry in the Register in January 1995 after discussions with Registrar on the correct form of words to use. Having re-examined my submission to Sir Gordon Downey in 1996, I recognise that it would have been better in retrospect to have acknowledged Greg Dyke's donation to the Marjorie Mowlam Research Fund in the submission, consistent with my entry in the 1995 Register. I can only say that this was an oversight on my part since I had already taken steps to ensure the donation was properly declared. I apologise for any confusion this may have caused. I confirm that no further substantial contributions were made to the Fund between 1994 and 1996."
2 November 1999
(Letter from MM to EF) (Annex F)
Confirmation that "Greg Dyke gave the money to me and was received by me for use through the Marjorie Mowlam Research Fund."

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