Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Thirteenth and Fourteenth Report


Further letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from the Rt Hon Dr Marjorie Mowlam MP

Thank you for your letter of 27th July. I must apologise for not having responded in detail before, but I have been away on holiday.

I note your summary of my responses to the Standards and Privileges Committee in 1996 and also your further questions with regard to my entries in the Register.

Firstly it should be re-confirmed that the donation by Greg Dyke was covered by my entry in the Register in January 1995 after discussions with registrar on the correct form of words to use.

Having re-examined my submission to Sir Gordon Downey in 1996, I recognise that it would have been better in retrospect to have acknowledged Greg Dyke's donation to the Marjorie Mowlam Research Fund in the submission, consistent with my entry in the 1995 register. I can only say that this was an oversight on my part, since I had already taken steps to ensure the donation was properly declared. I apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

I confirm that no further substantial contributions were made to the fund between 1994 and 1996.

I hope the above clarifications are of assistance.

27 August 1999

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Prepared 10 November 1999