Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Second Report

Note submitted by HTV Wales

  During HTV's evidence to the Welsh Affairs Committee at Gregynog Elfyn Llwyd MP requested a map to indicate Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) coverage in Wales.

  In response to our request the ITC has produced the enclosed map (not printed) to show the coverage predicted for the Digital 3 & 4 services in Wales following the completion of the transmitter roll-out. This is predicted to be complete by the end of next year.

  The ITC inform us that according to their latest coverage review these areas correspond to a population of up to 1.9 million people in Wales, which is 66 per cent of the population.

  It needs to be stressed that HTV has no involvement in digital frequency planning and that the Broadcasting Act 1996 makes the ITC specifically responsible for establishing DTT in the UK.

7 January 1999

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Prepared 11 May 1999