Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Second Report


  In response to Question 253 in the Evidence taken before the Welsh Affairs Committee on 7 December 1998, I undertook to clarify the BBC's plans to reflect the National Assemblies on the UK-wide programmes of parliamentary record on Radio 4.

  These plans have been developed in the context of the BBC's commitment, as a United Kingdom-wide public service broadcaster, to providing comprehensive and relevant coverage of all four of the UK's national forums on television, radio, online and BBC Parliament, the BBC's new parliamentary channel on cable and satellite. The BBC will set up new programme units adjacent to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly buildings.

  As far as radio is concerned, Radio Wales, Radio Cymru, Radio Scotland and Radio Ulster will each provide a daily programme of record, covering the proceedings of the Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly respectively. Radio nan Gaidheal will provide a new weekly parliamentary programme. Key moments will be covered live on the national radio services in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and the development of digital radio will allow live and continuous coverage where appropriate.

  In the context of this range of provision, Today in Parliament on Radio 4 will remain dedicated to the Westminster Parliament. Yesterday in Parliament, however, will report regularly on the new bodies.

Will Wyatt

Chief Executive, BBC Broadcast

6 January 1999

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Prepared 11 May 1999