Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Second Report

Annex 1a

Broadcasting Task Group


  Taking into account the advice of the National Assembly Advisory Group, to make recommendations to the Secretary of State for Wales on the detailed arrangements which should be made for broadcasting the proceedings and affairs of the National Assembly; with particular regard to:

    planning the broadcasting facilities as an integral part of the development of the Assembly's main home and wider network, and

    taking advantage of the latest developments in broadcasting technology to maximise the availability of the Assembly's proceedings to as wide a public as possible.

  The recommendations should include:

  1.  what, and how much, of the Assembly's proceedings—including the proceedings of its constituent committees—should be made available for live and recorded coverage

  2.  what access should be allowed to broadcasters

  3.  what kind of filming and sound recordings should be allowed

  4.  what physical facilities will be needed, both for the temporary and permanent accommodation and how they should be provided

  5.  what (temporary and permanent) facilities will be required outside the Assembly's main chamber and committee rooms, such as interview rooms and direct links with broadcasters' headquarters

  6.  what facilities will be required outside the main Assembly building, both temporary and permanent, and across Wales

  7.  how the (temporary and permanent) facilities should be managed

  8.  how the (temporary and permanent) facilities should be funded and procured.

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Prepared 11 May 1999