Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Second Report

Supplementary Memorandum submitted by the Welsh Office

  The Secretary of State gave evidence to the Welsh Affairs Committee on 15 December during its enquiry into broadcasting in Wales. He promised the Committee that he would take advice on its request for a copy of the Welsh Office's contract with Barcud Derwen, the company that has won the contract to be "host broadcaster" for the Assembly. The Secretary of State also undertook to provide supplementary information on the Publicity campaign for the Assembly.

  The Department subsequently sought agreement from Barcud Derwen to release the contract, and has also taken legal advice. Barcud Derwen had concerns about disclosing some of the contents of the contract which are of a highly sensitive commercial nature. They did, however, agree that we could make a copy of the contract available to the Committee as long as the detailed breakdown of costs originally contained in Annex D were deleted.

  This has been done and a copy of the contract—which comprises the Welsh Office invitation to tender, Barcud Derwen's response and several exchanges of letters and faxes is now enclosed. (Not printed)

  The Secretary of State has now considered proposals for the Information Campaign for the Assembly to ensure that the electorate is able to vote in full knowledge of the Assembly's powers and of the Additional Member System. The proposals covered all elements of the campaign, including press and poster advertising, an information line, various publications, resource packs for schools and exhibitions to tour Wales. On the basis of this work, the Secretary of State agreed to take forward the campaign and approved an overall budget of some £2 million.

June Milligan

Private Secretary

5 February 1999

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Prepared 11 May 1999