Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Second Report

21.  Memorandum submitted by Central Independent Television

  The view so far, supported by the Data Books and overlap information which we receive from the transmitter authorities, suggests that there are a lot of people in Wales who are able to receive the Central signal. I am still not sure that we measure the exact number of viewers and I somehow doubt that we do. However, I will try and establish this and let you know.

  We do know that more than half of Wrexham, for instance, can receive Central as does Montgomery. In Monmouth around 20 per cent of the population are able to receive the signal. Some Welsh viewers can also receive other ITV stations such as Granada and HTV.

  We are aware of viewers further into west Wales who tune into the English signal for Channel 4 in preference to the Welsh S4C. As you will be aware, Wales topographically is difficult and it requires a greater network of relay stations to fill in gaps in the transmitter pattern. It may even be the case that Central, or indeed one of the other neighbouring ITV signals is the strongest available and people therefore may be more inclined to watch it.

Ian Squires

Managing Director

4 December 1998

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Prepared 11 May 1999