Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Second Report

Supplementary Memorandum submitted by Central Independent Television

  As an addendum to my letter of last week, our audience research department tell me that within the transmitter overlap areas between Central and HTV, some 93,000 homes watch Central with 85,000 watching HTV. The number of homes equates respectively to 214,000 individuals and 195,000 individuals.

  The assumption is that these stations are being watched because of better reception than any deliberate decision on the part of the viewer.

  However, there are some homes within the HTV sole region who do tune in to Central. Central is not obliged to broadcast to these people because they lie outside of our licence area. However the footprint of the transmitters rarely matches precisely the licence boundaries. One could assume in this case, that these specific people are making an active choice of viewing. There are approximately 8,220 homes fitting into this category containing around 18,900 individuals.

Ian Squires

Managing Director

10 December 1998

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Prepared 11 May 1999