Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Second Report

22.  Memorandum submitted by Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations


  I have been asked by my Board of Directors to bring to your attention the fact that the communities of Powys are at a distinct disadvantage with regard to receiving coverage of terrestrial digital television services.

  We have been informed that a digital service will only be available in Powys via Sky, giving consumers no choice and, whilst Sky Digital may be looked on as a good facility, it does not provide ITV channels (ITV and ITV2). In addition, although Sky Satellite is a countrywide facility, not everyone is able to receive it because dishes are banned on some blocks of flats, and houses in deep valleys are not able to mount a dish that can "see" the satellite in space.

  We feel that digital television should be an amenity for all communities throughout the UK and that rural, hilly areas should not be placed at a disadvantage but most of Powys will be deprived of terrestrial digital television with some people being deprived of any digital service at all.

Sandra W Westley (Mrs)

Company Secretary

21 December 1998

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Prepared 11 May 1999