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COMPLIANCE COST ASSESSMENTS - 1 January 1997 to 30 June 1997 - Cm 3801 - 18.11.97

Compliance Cost Assessments - 1 July 1997 to 31 December 1997 - Cm 3938 - 22.4.98

Compliance Cost Assessments - 1 January 1998 to 30 June 1998 - Cm 4091 - 9.11.98

COMPETITIVENESS - Employment in English Regions - Cm 3814 - 3.12.97

COPYRIGHT - Crown Copyright in the Information Age - Cm 3819 - 24.1.98

DATA PROTECTION - Cm 3725 - 31.7.97

DEFENCE - Proposals for a Defence Diversification Agency - Cm 4088 - 5.11.98

DEFENCE - Strategic Defence Review - Cm 3999 - 8.7.98

DRUGS - Tackling Drugs to Build a Better Britain - Cm 3945 - 27.4.98

ECONOMICS - Economic and Fiscal Strategy Report 1998 - Cm 3978 - 11.6.98

ENERGY - Conclusions of the Review of Energy Sources for Power Generation - Cm 4071- 8.10.98

EMPLOYMENT (NORTHERN IRELAND) - Partnership for Equality - Cm 3890 - 11.3.98


EUROPEAN UNION - Developments July - December 1996 - Cm 3597 - 24.4.97

EUROPEAN UNION - Developments January - June 1997 - Cm 3802 - 21.11.97

EUROPEAN UNION - Developments July - December 1997 - Cm 3961 - 1.6.98

EXPORTS - Strategic Export Controls - Cm 3989 - 1.7.98

EXPENDITURE PLANS 1998-99 to 2000-2001

    Cabinet Office - Privy Council and Parliament - Cm 3920 - 7.4.98;

    Chancellor of the Exchequer's Departments - Cm 3917 - 6.4.98

    Customs and Excise - Cm 3918 - 6.4.98

    Department for Culture, Media and Sport - Cm 3911 - 6.4.98

    Department for Education and Employment; OFSTED - Cm 3910 - 6.4.98

    Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions - Cm 3906 - 7.4.98

    Department of Health - Cm 3912 - 6.4.98

    Department for International Development - Cm 3907 - 7.4.98

    Department of Social Security - Cm 3913 - 7.4.98

    Department of Trade and Industry - Cm 3905 - 6.4.98

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Cm 3903 - 7.4.98

    Home Office - Cm 3908 - 6.4.98

    Inland Revenue - Cm 3919 - 6.4.98

    Lord Chancellor's Department and Law Officers Departments - Cm 3909 - 7.4.98

    Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food - Cm 3904 - 7.4.98

    Ministry of Defence - Cm 3902 - 7.4.98

    Northern Ireland Office - Cm 3916 - 7.4.98

    Scottish Office and Forestry Commission - Cm 3914 - 20.4.98

    Welsh Office - Cm 3915 - 7.4.98

EXPENDITURE PLANS - Statistical analyses 1998/99 - Cm 3901 - 6.4.98

FAIRNESS AT WORK - Cm 3968 - 21.5.98

FOOD - Food Standards Agency - Cm 3830 - 14.1.98

HEALTH (SCOTLAND) - New NHS - Cm 3807 - 9.12.97

HEALTH (WALES) - NHS Wales - Cm 3841- 15.1.98

HEALTH - Renewing NHS in Scotland - Cm 3811 - 9.12.97

HOMELESSNESS - Rough sleeping - Cm 4008 - 7.7.98

HUMAN RIGHTS - Human Rights Bill - Cm 3782 - 24.10.97

IMMIGRATION - Fairer, Faster and Firmer: A Modern Approach to Immigration and Asylum - Cm 4018 - 27.7.98

INFORMATION - Freedom of Information Act - Cm 3818 - 11.12.97

LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Modern Local Government - Cm 4014 - 30.7.98

LOCAL GOVERNMENT (WALES) - Modernising Local Government in Wales - Cm 4028 - 31.7.98

LOTTERY - The People's Lottery - Cm 3709 - 21.7.97


MENTAL Health - Mentally Incapacitated Adults - Cm 3803 - 10.12.97

PLANNING - Planning for the Communities of the Future - Cm 3885 - 23.2.98

POVERTY - Eliminating World Poverty - Cm 3789 - 5.11.97

PUBLIC EXPENDITURE 1996-97 - Provisional Outturn - Cm 3696 - 3.7.97

SCHOOLS - Excellence in - Cm 3681 - 7.7.97

SCHOOLS (WALES) - Building Excellent Schools Together - Cm 3701 - 8.7.97

SCOTLAND - Scotland's Parliament - Cm 3658 - 24.7.97

SOCIAL SERVICES - Children's Safeguard Review, Government's Response - Cm 4105 - 5.11.98

TRANSPORT (DISABLED) - Promoting Disabled Peoples Rights - Cm 3977 - 21.7.98

TRANSPORT (SCOTLAND) - Travel Choices for Scotland - Cm 4010 - 22.7.98

VOLUNTARY SECTOR - Cm 4100 - 12.11.98

WALES - Government's proposals for Welsh Assembly - Cm 3718 - 22.7.97

WELFARE - A New Contract for : Principles into Practice - Cm 4101 - 28.10.98

WELFARE - A New Contract for : The Gateway to Work - Cm 4102 - 28.10.98

WELFARE - A New Contract for : Support for Disabled People - Cm 4103 - 28.10.98

YOUTH CRIME - England and Wales - Cm 3809 - 27.11.97







The following is a list of Green Papers (a term used to cover all consultation documents, discussion papers, and other items which set out proposals which are at a formative or uncomplicated stage and are issued to solicit comment) received by the House of Commons Information Office in the 1997-98 Session. The non-appearance of an item in this list cannot be taken as evidence that such a title does not exist. Most items are published or 'made available' by individual Government departments or agencies, from whom copies should be sought. (Some also appear in the Chadwyck Healey Catalogue of British Official Publications not published by TSO). The few that are TSO published items have a Command Paper number or other reference attached. Details of the consultation period and issuing office address may be found in the edition of the Weekly Information Bulletin next following the date of receipt.




CmCommand PaperITCIndependent Television Commission
CSCCivil Service CollegeLCDLord Chancellor's Department
DCMSDepartment of Culture, Media & SportMAFFMinistry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food
DfEEDepartment for Education and EmploymentNIONorthern Ireland Office
DETRDepartment of Environment, Transport & the RegionsOFFEROffice of Electricity Regulation
DfIDDepartment for International DevelopmentOFGASOffice of Gas Supply
DSSDepartment of Social SecurityOFTELOffice of Telecommunications
DTIDepartment of Trade & IndustryOFWATOffice of Water Services
ECGDExport Credits Guarantee DepartmentONSOffice for National Statistics
FSAFinancial Services AuthorityRDCRural Development Commission
HCHouse of Commons PaperTSOThe Stationery Office
HSEHealth and Safety ExecutiveSOScottish Office



ADVERTISING (SCOTLAND) - Review of Advertisement Control in Scotland. Scottish Office [19.3.98]


AGRICULTURE - Proposal to establish a potato industry development council for Great Britain. MAFF; Scottish Office; Welsh Office [19.7.97]


AGRICULTURE - Agricultural Restructuring. MAFF [19.3.98]


AGRICULTURE - Development of a set of Indicators for Sustainable Agriculture in the United Kingdom. MAFF [22.6.98]


AGRICULTURE - Disposal of Animal By-Products. MAFF [12.11.98]


AGRI-ENVIRONMENT - Proposals for an all-Scotland Agri-Environmental Scheme. Scottish Office [26.1.98]


AIR TRAFFIC - A Public/Private Partnership for National Air Traffic Services Ltd. DETR [20.10.98]


AIR TRANSPORT - Night Restrictions at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. DETR [27.2.98]


AIR TRANSPORT - Night Restrictions at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. DETR [17.11.98]


AIR TRANSPORT - Public Safety Zones (PSZs). DETR [4.12.97]


AIRCRAFT NOISE - Noise Limits for Aircraft departing from Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted Airports. DETR [24.11.97]


AIRPORTS - Changes to the Economic Regulation of Airports: DETR [2.11.98]


AMBULANCE SERVICE (WALES) - Creation of a single ambulance trust in Wales. Welsh Ambulance Trust Reconfiguration Group [27.10.97]


ANIMAL EXPORT - Proposed Revised Pre-export Procedure for Sheep/Pigs destined for Fattening/Production or Slaughter in other EC member states. MAFF [13.7.98]


ANIMAL FEED - Feeding Stuffs (Amendment) Regulations 1997. MAFF [27.10.97]


ANIMAL FEED - Draft Feeding Stuffs (Amendment No 2) Regulations 1997. MAFF [6.11.97]


ANIMAL FEED - Feeding Stuffs (Establishments and Intermediaries) Regulations 1998. MAFF [18.12.97]


ANIMAL FEED - Draft Feeding Stuffs (Amendment No 2) Regulations 1998. MAFF [31.7.98]


ANIMAL FEED - New independent Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs (ACAF). MAFF [18.9.98]


ANIMAL REGISTRATION - Report on the identification and registration of animals. MAFF [3.6.98]


ANIMAL WASTE - Review of UK legislation controlling the disposal of animal waste. MAFF [6.10.98]


ANIMALS - Review of Animal By-Products Legislation. MAFF [16.11.98]


ANIMALS (SCOTLAND) - Review of Animal By-Products Legislation. Scottish Office [18.11.98]


ASSISTED AREAS - Review of the Assisted Areas Map. DTI [30.7.98]


BAILIFFS - Bailiff fees for the collection of fixed penalties under the Road Traffic Act 1991. LCD [26.1.98]


BAILIFFS - Modification and Strengthening of the Bailiff Certification and Complaints Procedure. LCD [21.8.98]


BANK OF ENGLAND - Cash ratio deposits. HM Treasury [25.11.97]


BANKING - Proposals on the Bank of England's power to collect information for monetary policy purposes. HM Treasury [13.2.98]


BEEF - Deboning of Beef. MAFF [8.12.97]


BEEF - Proposals for a Date Based Export Scheme. MAFF [2.4.98]


BEEF - Amendments to the Beef Special Premium Regulations. MAFF [18.9.98]


BEEF (SCOTLAND) - Proposal for the Date Based Export Scheme (DBES). Scottish Office [18.6.98]


BREAD - Consultation on bread sizes and weights. MAFF [27.10.97]


BREAD AND FLOUR REGULATIONS 1997 (SCOTLAND). Scottish Office [12.6.98]


BROADCASTING - Broadband Britain. DTI [24.4.98]


BROADCASTING - Proposals for minimum amounts of subtitling required on Channel 3 from 1999. [2.7.98]


BROADCASTING - Consultation on the Tariff Structure for ITC Licence Fees. ITC [7.8.98]


BSE - Compulsory Slaughter of Offspring of BSE Dams. MAFF [4.11.97]


BUDGET - Pre-Budget Report: Security Britain's long-term economic future. Cm 3804. TSO [25.11.97]


BUDGET - Pre-Budget Report: Steering a stable course for lasting prosperity. Cm 4076. TSO [4.11.98]


BUILDERS - Combating Cowboy Builders. DETR [22.4.98]


BUILDING - Transitional Arrangements for Access Requirements for New Homes. DETR [27.7.98]


BULL BARS - Options for National Action. DETR [2.10.97]


BUSINESS FUNDING - The challenge approach to sectoral support for business. DTI [29.8.97]


BUSINESS TRANSFERS - Proposals to amend the 1977 Acquired Rights Directive and the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 1981 (TUPE). DTI [12.1.97]


CASINO DEREGULATION - Relaxation of Controls on Membership, Advertising and Jackpot Machines. Home Office [6.8.98]


CATTLE - Draft regulations on animal tags and passports, consultation document. MAFF [22.10.97]


CATTLE - EC Rules on National Cattle Databases. MAFF [27.4.98]


CATTLE - Closure of the Calf Processing Aid Scheme (CPAS). MAFF [8.5.98]


CATTLE - Late Cattle Passport Applications. MAFF [7.7.98]


CATTLE (SCOTLAND) - Consultation on proposed slaughter of BSE offspring. Scottish Office [22.10.97]


CEREALS - Review of the Home-Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA). MAFF [29.8.97]


CHARITIES - Review of Organisations on the Register Consultation document., papers: 1) Framework for the Review of the Register, 2) Unemployment, 3) Urban and Rural Regeneration. Charity Commission [24.11.97]


CHARITIES - Draft guidance leaflet for Grant Making Educational Charities [24.11.97]


CHILD SUPPORT - Children First- a new approach to child support. DSS [6.7.98]


CHILDCARE - Meeting the Childcare Challenge. Cm 3959. TSO [19.5.98]


CHILDCARE (SCOTLAND) - Meeting the Childcare Challenge - A Childcare Strategy for Scotland. Cm 3958. TSO [19.5.98]


CHILDCARE (WALES) - The National Childcare Strategy in Wales. Cm 3974. TSO [22.6.98]


CHILDREN - Determination of Paternity and on the Law on Parental Responsibility for Unmarried Fathers. [9.3.98]


CHILDREN - Working Together Under the Children Act 1989. [17.2.98]


CHILDREN (SCOTLAND) - A Shared Responsibility, Guidance on Inter-Agency Co-operation. Scottish Office [12.6.98]


CITIZENS' CHARTER - A Consultation Exercise. Citizens' Charter Unit. [1.9.97]


CITIZENS' CHARTER - Local Charter Guide- Consultation on best practice on local charters. Citizens' Charter Unit [20.10.97]


CIVIL JUSTICE - Civil procedure rules. LCD [27.11.97]


CIVIL JUSTICE - Civil Court Fees - Access to Justice. LCD [20.1.98]


CIVIL JUSTICE - Civil Procedure Rules - transitional arrangements. LCD [10.2.98]


CIVIL JUSTICE - Costs regime for the fast track. LCD [22.6.98]


CIVIL JUSTICE - Solicitors fixed costs in civil claims. LCD [7.7.98]


CIVIL JUSTICE - Resolving and Avoiding Disputes in the Information Age. LCD [10.9.98]


CIVIL JUSTICE REFORM - Civil Procedure Rules consultation. LCD [5.1.97]


CIVIL JUSTICE REFORM - On clinical negligence and multi-party situations. LCD [10.11.97]


CIVIL JUSTICE REFORM - The service of court process abroad. LCD [22.12.97]


CIVIL JUSTICE REFORM - Alternative procedure for claims. LCD [29.6.98]


CIVIL PROCEDURE REFORM - Judicial Case Management - Fast Track and Multi Track. LCD [3.7.97]


CLIMATE CHANGE - UK Climate Change Programme. DETR [26.10.98]


CLONING - Cloning Issues in Reproduction, Science and Medicine. DTI [29.1.98]


COASTGUARD - HM Coastguard- five year strategy. Coastguard Agency [20.1.98]


COMMUNITY CARE (SCOTLAND) - Modernising Community Care. Scottish Office [2.10.98]


COMMUNICATIONS - Regulating Communications: Approaching Convergence in the Information Age. Cm 4022. TSO [21.7.98]


COMMUNITY PROTECTION - Proposal for Community Protection Orders. Home Office [18.11.97]


COMPANY LAW - Accounting simplifications - Small company account. .DTI [22.7.97]


COMPANY LAW - The European Company Statute. DETR [1.8.97]


COMPANY LAW - Modern Company Law for a Competitive Economy. DTI [4.3.98]


COMPANY LAW - Limited Liability Partnerships - A Draft Bill. DTI [17.9.98]


COMPANY LAW - Shareholder Remedies. DTI [4.11.98]


COMPETITION- Two sets of guidelines on Competition Bill - 1) A Guide to the Major Provisions of the Act 2) Market

Definition. Office of Fair Trading [20.3.98]


COMPETITION BILL - A prohibition approach to anti-competitive agreements and abuse of dominant position . DTI [7.8.97]


COMPETITION BILL - The Office of Fair Trading: Consultation Guidelines. Office of Fair Trading [14.5.98]


COMPETITION BILL - Draft Bill. DTI [7.8.98]


COMPETITIVENESS - A Benchmark for Business. DTI [12.11.97]


COMPETITIVENESS - Proposals for the future of the Foresight programme. DTI [23.3.98]


COMPULSORY COMPETITIVE TENDERING - Consultation on changes to regulations and guidance. DETR [25.7.97]


CONFISCATION - Home Office Working Group on Confiscation, 3rd report: Criminal Assets. Home Office [10.11.98]


CONSERVATION - Habitats Directive. DETR [1.10.97]


CONSERVATION - Future of the South Downs. Countryside Commission [26.11.97]


CONSERVATION - Better Protection and Management of Sites of Special Scientific Interest. DETR [10.9.98]


CONSERVATION - Six consultation papers on proposals for the future of: i) Blackdown Hills, ii) Cotswold Hills, iii) Dartmoor, iv) Essex Coast, v) Shropshire Hills, iv) Upper Thames Tributaries. Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA) 1999-2004. MAFF [25.9.98]


CONSERVATION (SCOTLAND) - People and Nature: A New Approach to SSSI Designations in Scotland. TSO [15.9.98]


CONSTRUCTION - Review of the Construction Industry Training Board [CITB] and Engineering Construction Industry Training Board [ECITB]. DfEE [27.6.97]


CONSTRUCTION - Proposals to make energy ratings on new homes freely available. DETR [21.7.98]


CONSTRUCTION - Anti-cowboy measures and safety improvements in building regulation proposals. DETR [20.10.97]


CONSTRUCTION (SCOTLAND) - Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 1990 - Proposed Amendments to Part F of the Supporting Technical Standards. Scottish Office [20.3.98]


CONSUMER AFFAIRS - Consumer Credit (Total Charge for Credit) Regulations 1980. DTI [13.8.98]


CONSUMER CONTRACTS - Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations. DTI [27.1.98]


CONSUMER CREDIT - Speeding up Consumer Credit Licensing Appeals: a Consumer Credit Appeal Secretariat. DTI [9.7.97]


CONSUMER CREDIT - Revision of the Consumer Credit (Appeals) Regulations 1976. DTI [11.7.97]


CONSUMER CREDIT - Clarification and simplification of UK Consumer Credit Law. DTI [17.2.98]


CONSUMER PROTECTION - Doorstep Selling Regulations. DTI [10.6.98]


CONSUMER PROTECTION - Distance Selling. DTI [19.6.98]


CONTAMINATED LAND - Draft Statutory Guidance Under Part IIA Environmental Protection Act 1990. DETR [23.10.98]


COPYRIGHT - Legal Protection of Databases. Patent Office [5.9.97]


CORPORATION TAX - A Modern System for Corporation Tax payments. Inland Revenue [25.11.97]


CORPORATION TAX - A Modern System for Corporation Tax payments - Inland Revenue. [12.5.98]


COUNCIL TAX - Enforcement of Council Tax Debts. DETR [15.9.97]


COUNCIL TAX - Rules Governing the Levy of Distress in Respect of Council Tax Debts. DETR [15.9.97]


COUNCIL TAX - Council Tax Liability of Owners of Houses in Multiple Occupation. DETR [15.9.97]


COUNTRYSIDE - Access to the Open Countryside in England and Wales. DETR [25.2.98]


COUNTRYSIDE - Environmental Management in the Uplands. MAFF [4.3.98]


COUNTRYSIDE - Draft prospectus for the new Countryside Agency. RDC [19.10.98]


COUNTY COURTS - Interest on County Court judgements. LCD [22.12.97]


COURT PROCEDURES - Speaking up for Justice- Report of the Interdepartmental Working Group on the treatment of Vulnerable or Intimidated Witnesses in the Criminal Justice System. Home Office [10.6.98]


COURT TRANSFERS - Proposed simplification of the Transfer Procedure from the County Court to the High Court for Enforcement by execution against Goods. LCD [31.3.98]


COURTS - Recovery of Social Security Benefits and Payments into courts. LCD [7.5.98]


COURTS - Proposed new rules on the transfer of proceedings. LCD [22.5.98]


COURTS - The enforcement of civil court judgements. LCD [2.6.98]


COURTS - Support Services in Family Proceedings - Future Organisation of Court Welfare Services. DH [31.7.98]


COURTS - Proposals to remove requirements for Magistrates to sit in the Crown Court. LCD [25.8.98]


COURTS - The Future Role of the Justices' Clerk. LCD [19.10.98]


CREDIT UNIONS - Proposed Amendments to the Credit Unions Act 1979. HM Treasury [16.11.98]


CRIME - Violence- reform of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861. Home Office [11.2.97]


CRIME - Tackling Youth Crime. Home Office [25.9.97]


CRIME AND DISORDER ACT - Guidance for Sex Offenders Orders and Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. Home Office [27.8.98]


CRIME AND DISORDER ACT (SCOTLAND) - Draft guidance for Sex Offenders Orders. Scottish Office [7.8.98]


CRIMINAL JUSTICE - Determining mode of trial in either-way cases. Home Office [28.7.98]


CRIMINAL JUSTICE - Determining mode of trial in either-way cases. Home Office [31.7.98]


CRIMINAL JUSTICE - Reducing Remand Delays. Home Office [24.10.97]


CRIMINAL JUSTICE - Tackling Delays in the Youth Justice System. Home Office [24.10.97]


CRIMINAL JUSTICE - Joining Forces to Protect the Public: Prisons - Probation. Home Office [11.8.98]


CRIMINAL JUSTICE (NORTHERN IRELAND) - Review of Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland. TSO [27.8.98]


CRIMINAL JUSTICE (NORTHERN IRELAND) - Vulnerable or Intimidated Witnesses - NIO [6.10.98]


CROFTING - The Role of Crofting in Rural Communities. Crofters Commission [1.6.98]


DATA MANAGEMENT SERVICES - Consultation on charges. OFFER [20.5.97]


DATA PROTECTION - Draft Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 1998. DTI [3.8.98]


DATA PROTECTION - Data Protection Act:- Consultation on Subordinate Legislation. Home Office [12.8.98]


DATA PROTECTION - Data Protection Act 1998: Consultation Paper on Notification Regulations. Home Office [24.8.98]


DEFENCE - Defence Diversification: Getting the most out of defence technology. Cm 3861. TSO [5.3.98]


DEPRIVATION (SCOTLAND) - Revising the Scottish Area Deprivation Index. TSO [19.10.98]


DIGITAL RADIO - Regulation of Sound Programme Capacity. Radio Authority [29.5.97]


DIGITAL RADIO - Local Digital Radio Development Strategy. Radio Authority [18.7.97]


DISABLED ACCESS (SCOTLAND) - Proposed amendments to the Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 1990, Part T- Access and Facilities for Disabled People. Scottish Office [31.5.98]


DRINK DRIVING - Combating Drink-Driving: Next Steps. DETR [2.2.98]


DRIVING LICENCES - Changes to fees. DETR [31.10.97]


DRIVING LICENCES - DVLA Consultation on fee proposals. DVLA [18.8.98]


DRIVING STANDARDS - Consultation on Driving Test Changes. Driving Standards Agency [5.8.98]


DRIVING THEORY TEST - Consultation on a same day results service. Driving Standards Agency [2.7.98]


DUAL FUEL - Dual fuel offers in the electricity and gas markets. OFGAS [20.11.97]


EARLY YEARS EDUCATION - Guidance document for consultation on early years development plans. DfEE [4.7.98]


EC CREDIT TRANSFERS - Proposals for implementing the EC Cross Border Credit Transfers Directive. HM Treasury. [17.12.97]


EDUCATION - New guidance for Local Education Authorities on behaviour support plans. DfEE [30.10.97]


EDUCATION - Targets for our Future. Prolog Ltd. [9.12.97]


EDUCATION - The Learning Age, a renaissance for a new Britain. TSO [25.2.98]


EDUCATION - Accountability in Further Education. DfEE [5.3.98]


EDUCATION - Extending Opportunity & Homework - Guidelines for Primary Schools and Secondary Schools. DfEE [20.4.98]


EDUCATION - Consultation on Parent Governor Representatives on Education Committees. DfEE [14.5.98]


EDUCATION - Improving Access to Information about Post-16 Learning Options. DfEE [2.6.98]


EDUCATION - Draft Regulations on Foundation Bodies. DfEE [5.9.98]


EDUCATION: Proposals for a Differentiated System of School Inspections. OFSTED [11.11.98]


EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT - Learning and working together for the future. DfEE. [26.9.97]


EDUCATION (SCOTLAND) - Parents as Partners- Enhancing the role of parents in school education. Scottish Office [2.2.98]


EDUCATION (SCOTLAND) - Special Educational Needs in Scotland. Scottish Office [5.5.98]


EDUCATION (SCOTLAND) - Age and Stage Restrictions at Standard Grade and Higher. Scottish Office [15.9.98]


EDUCATION (SCOTLAND) - Opportunity Scotland: a paper on lifelong learning. Cm 4048. TSO [17.9.98]


EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS - Qualifying for Success. Proposals to improve the qualification choices available to 16-19 year olds. DfEE [9.10.97]


ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES - Market Transformation. Reducing electricity needed to run domestic appliances. DETR. [27.10.97]


ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT - Electrical Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres (Certification) Regulations 1990. DTI [25.11.97]


ELECTRICITY - Arrangements on supplier default and licence revocation. OFFER [14.1.98]


ELECTRICITY - Review of Public Electricity Suppliers. OFFER [11.2.98]


ELECTRICITY - Modifications to Public Electricity Supply Licences following Take-over. OFFER [24.2.98]


ELECTRICITY - Marketing Electricity. OFFER [4.3.98]


ELECTRICITY - Standards of Service for electricity customers. OFFER [27.10.98]


ELECTRICITY - Scotland - England Interconnector: Access. OFFER [29.10.98]


ELECTRICITY - Consultation on Regulatory Accounts. OFFER [30.10.98]


ELECTRICITY - Review of Electricity Trading Arrangements. OFFER [5.11.97]


ELECTRICITY - Implementation of Directive 96/92/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 December 1996 concerning Common rules for the Internal Market in Electricity. DTI [6.8.98]


ELECTRICITY MARKET - Supply price restraint arrangements. OFFER [3.7.97]


ELECTRICITY (SCOTLAND) - Scottish Transmission Price Controls. OFFER [10.2.98]


ELECTRICITY SUPPLY - Consultation on Price Controls and Competition. OFFER [31.7.98]


ELECTRICITY SUPPLY - Price restraints. 1998. OFFER [20.8.97]


EQUALITY - Equality in the 21st Century. Equal Opportunities Commission [6.11.98]


EMPLOYMENT - Employees' Information and Consultation Rights on Transfers of Undertakings and Collective Redundancies. DTI [16.2.98]


EMPLOYMENT - Millennium Volunteers consultation on programme to provide volunteering opportunities for young people. DfEE [29.10.98]


EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS - Measures to implement provisions of the EC Directives on The Organisation of Working and The Protection of Young People at Work. DTI [8.4.98]


ENERGY - Setting new Standards of Performance for public electricity suppliers to promote the efficient use of electricity. OFFER [29.1.98]


ENERGY - Economic Instruments to Improve Industrial and Commercial Energy Use. HM Treasury [4.6.98]


ENERGY - Review of Energy Sources for Power Generation DTI [25.6.98]


ENERGY - Incorporating Offshore Wind Energy into Future NFFO Arrangements. DTI [7.9.98]


ENERGY - A Fair Deal for Consumers: Modernising the Framework for Utility Regulation. Reform of Energy Regulation Team [21.10.98]


ENVIRONMENT - Implementation of the revised EU Environmental Impact Assessment Directive. DETR, Scottish Office, Northern Ireland Office [19.12.97]


ENVIRONMENT - Reducing CO2 Emissions from Buildings. DETR [17.2.98]


ENVIRONMENT - Draft Proposals on Assessing the Environmental Impact of Oil and Gas Projects. DTI [17.11.98]


ENVIRONMENT - Consumer Products and the Environment. DETR [23.11.98]


ENVIRONMENT (SCOTLAND) - Environment assessment (EA). Scottish Office [19.8.97]


ENVIRONMENT (SCOTLAND) - Determining the need for Enviornmental Assessment (EA). Scottish Office [23.12.97]


ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT - Consultation on the implementation of EC Directive (97/11EC) on environmental impact assessment. DETR [30.7.97]


ENVIRONMENTAL INDUSTRY - Strategy for the Joint DETR/DTI Environmental Markets Unit. DETR, DTI [5.8.97]


EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES - Equality in the 21st Century: A New Approach. Equal Opportunities Commission [21.1.98]


EU ENLARGEMENT - EU Enlargement and Agenda 2000. DTI [4.11.97]


EUROPEAN PARLIAMENTARY CONSTITUENCIES (Wales) - Supplementary review and revised recommendations for Wales. Boundary Commission for Wales [4.6.97]


EXPORTS - Finance for UK Capital Goods and Project Exports. ECGD [11.2.98]


FAMILIES - Supporting Families. TSO [4.11.98]


FEEDINGSTUFFS - Proposals to revise legislation to Zootechnical Feed Additives and Medicated Feedingstuffs. Veterinary Medicines Directorate [14.10.97]


FERTILISERS - Controlling Nitrate from Farmland. MAFF [5.1.98]


FINANCE - Making Saving Easy. HM Treasury [18.5.98]


FINANCE - Proposals to amend the Public Offers of Securities Regulations 1995 (POS Regulations). HM Treasury [18.8.98]


FINANCE - The New Individual Savings Account. Inland Revenue [2.12.97]


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Consumer Involvement, Practitioner Involvement and Paying for Banking Supervision - 3 Consultation Papers. FSA [1.10.97]


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Consumer Complaints, Consumer Compensation. FSA [18.12.97]


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Financial Services Agency (FSA) - Fees 1998/99 (CP6). FSA [16.2.98]


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Regulatory regime for Individual Savings Accounts. FSA [9.6.98]


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Limited Issue and Limited Redemption Funds (CP11). FSA [25.6.98]


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Market Abuse Part 1- Consultation on a Draft Code of Market Conduct; Part 2 - Draft Code of Market Conduct. FSA [12.6.98]


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Draft Financial Services and Markets Bill and Consultation Document. HM Treasury [30.7.98]


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Implementation in the UK of Investors Compensation Directive. FSA [4.8.98]


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Principles for Businesses (CP13). FSA [7.9.89]


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Implementation in the UK of the EU Investor Compensation Directive. FSA [8.9.98]


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Single Pricing and other Amendments (CP14). FSA [9.9.98]


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Differentiated Regulatory Approaches: Future Regulation of Inter-Professional Business. FSA [28.10.98]


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Promoting Public Understanding of Financial Services. FSA [12.11.98]


FIRE SAFETY - Proposals for Amending the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997. Home Office. [20.8.98]


FIRE SAFETY - Fire Safety Legislation for the Future. Home Office [28.11.97]




FISH - Future of the Sea Fish Industry Authority.   MAFF [12.12.97]


FISH (SCOTLAND) - Draft Environmental Assessment (Fish farming in Marine Waters) Regulations 1999. Scottish Office. [20.10.98]


FISH (SCOTLAND) - Interim Scheme for the Licensing of Marine Fish Farms in Scottish Waters. Scottish Office [26.10.98]


FISH (SCOTLAND) - Transfer of fish farm planning.   Scottish Office [11.12.97]


FISHERIES - Fisheries Enforcement (Designated Ports).   MAFF [4.3.98]


FISHERIES - Proposals for the future management of the UK's white fish and pelagic quotas. MAFF, Scottish Office [10.11.97]


FISHERIES - Border Esk river fishery arrangements. Scottish Office [29.2.98]


FISHING - Consultation on new conservation measures for the bass fishery. MAFF [31.7.97]


FISHING - Proposals on new external water licences. MAFF [15.6.98]


FISHING - Fishing Vessel Safety. DETR [23.7.98]


FOOD - Draft Plastic Materials and Articles in Contact with Food Regulations 1998.  MAFF [6.2.98]


FOOD - Proposed Sugar Beet Development Council.   MAFF [16.2.98]


FOOD - New Drinking Milk Regulations. MAFF, Scottish Office [23.7.98]


FOOD - Reporting the Results of Food Chemical Surveillance.   MAFF [27.4.98]


FOOD (SCOTLAND) - Addition of vitamins and minerals to foods and food supplements.   Scottish Office. [27.6.97]


FOOD (SCOTLAND) - Draft Plastic Material and Articles in Contact with Food Regulations 1998.   Scottish Office [16.2.98]


FOOD (SCOTLAND) - Proposals for revision of the UK Seed Potato Classification Schemes. Scottish Office [2.3.98]


FOOD (SCOTLAND) - Labelling of Allergens and removal of the 25% Rule.   Scottish Office [24.3.98]


FOOD (SCOTLAND) - Quantitative Ingredient Declarations (QUID)- Guidance Notes.   Scottish Office [24.3.98]


FOOD (SCOTLAND) - Mycotoxins - EC Permitted levels - Draft Commission Regulations.   Scottish Office [5.5.98]


FOOD (SCOTLAND) - The Bread and Flour Regulations 1998.   Scottish Office [18.5.98]


FOOD (SCOTLAND) - Draft Commission Directive on Foods for Special Medical Needs.  Scottish Office [20.7.98]


FOOD LABELLING - Compulsory labelling of all foods containing genetically modified soya and maize.  MAFF [29.7.98]


FOOD LABELLING (SCOTLAND) - European Council Regulation on GM Soya and Maize Labelling - Food Labelling (Amendment) (No 2) Regulations. Scottish Office [30.7.98]


FOOD LABELLING (SCOTLAND) - Food Labelling (Amendment) Regulations 1998. Scottish Office [30.8.97]


FOOD LABELLING (SCOTLAND) - Nutrition Claims on Food Labels. Scottish Office [16.11.98]


FOOD SAFETY - Ban on Raw Cows' Drinking Milk.   MAFF [3.11.97]


FOOD SAFETY (SCOTLAND) - Proposed amendment of the 1985 Product Liability Directive to remove exemption of primary agricultural products and game.   Scottish Office [16.2.98]


FOODSTUFFS - Spreadable fats (Marketing Standards) (Amendment) Regulations 1997.   MAFF [10.10.97]


FOODSTUFFS - European Commission Proposal for a Regulation to set limits for Lead and Cadmium in Foodstuffs. MAFF [27.5.98]


FOODSTUFFS - Extraction solvents.   MAFF [7.7.98]


FOODSTUFFS (SCOTLAND) - Maximum levels for aflatoxins in foodstuffs. Scottish Office [19.8.97]


FOODSTUFFS (SCOTLAND) - Quantitative declaration of ingredients (QUID): Guidance notes.   Scottish Office [19.8.97]


FOODSTUFFS (SCOTLAND) - Proposed EC Directive on Mycotoxins: EC permitted levels. Scottish Office [2.2.98]


FOODSTUFFS (SCOTLAND) - Extraction solvents. Scottish Office [6.7.98]


FOODSTUFFS (SCOTLAND): Maximum Levels for Aflatoxins in Foodstuffs. Scottish Office [17.11.98]


FOREIGN AFFAIRS - FCO Panel 2000: Consultation Document. FCO [10.9.98]


FORESTRY (SCOTLAND) - Revised guidance for local authorities on the preparation of Indicative Forestry Strategies. Scottish Office [5.6.98]


FRIENDLY SOCIETIES - Review on Industrial and Provident Society Legislation.   Registry of Friendly Societies [23.3.98]


GAS - Consultation on proposals for the roll-out of competition in the domestic gas market in Great Britain.   OFGAS [30.7.97]


GAS SAFETY - Proposals for revised Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations, Ref CD 123.   HSE [28.11.97]


GENETIC CROPS - Weed Control on the Farm: Management of Genetically Modified Herbicide Tolerant Crops. MAFF [10.7.97]


GENETIC TESTS - Consultation on the use of genetic tests.   Human Genetics Advisory Commission (HGAC) [9.7.97]


GLASGOW COLLEGE MERGER - Proposals for merger between Glasgow College of building and printing and Glasgow College of Food Technology.   Scottish Office [10.7.97]


GREATER LONDON AUTHORITY - Planning Applications of Strategic Importance. Government Office for London [6.8.98]


HALLMARKING - Consultation on 1) the Hallmarking (Hallmarking Act Amendment) Regulations 1998 2) the Hallmarking (Hallmarking Act Amendment) Order 1998. DTI [19.10.98]


HARBOUR PILOTAGE - Review of the Pilotage Act 1987.   DETR [12.8.97]


HEALTH - Our Healthier Nation. Cm 3852. TSO [5.2.98]


HEALTH(NORTHERN IRELAND) - Fit for the Future. NIO [5.5.98]


HEALTH AND SAFETY - Asbestos Regulations and supporting Approved Codes of Practice. HSE [21.4.98]


HEALTH AND SAFETY - Revised Ionising Radiations Regulations and Approved Code of Practise Ref CD 127. HSE [25.2.98]


HEALTH AND SAFETY - Police (Health and Safety) Act and Approved Code of Practice on the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992. HSE [18.8.98]


HEALTH AND SAFETY - Asbestos (Prohibitions) Regulations 1992. HSE [17.9.98]


HEALTH AND SAFETY Amendment to the Use of Work Equipment Directive (AUWED). Non-lifting aspects of the Amending Directive to the Use of Work Equipment Directive (95/63/EC). Revocation and replacement of the Power Presses Regulations 1965 and the Power Presses (Amendment) Regulations 1972; Lifting aspects of the Amending Directive to the use of Work Equipment Directive (95/63/EC). HSE [12.6.97]


HEALTH AND SAFETY (NORTHERN IRELAND) - Health and Safety at work (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Order NIO [17.3.98]


HEALTH (SCOTLAND) - Working Together for a Healthier Scotland - Cm 3854. TSO [5.2.98]


HEALTH (WALES) - Better Health, Better Wales. Cm 3922.   TSO [14.5.98]


HIGHWAY CODE - Proposed revisions to the Highway Code.   DETR [21.11]


HOMELESSNESS (SCOTLAND) - Scottish Office [6.8.97]


HORSE PASSPORTS - Community-wide requirement for horse passports.   MAFF [29.8.97]


HOUSING - Allocation of Housing and Homelessness. DETR. [23.5.97]


HOUSING - Draft revised circular on planning and affordable housing under PPG 3. DETR [25.7.97]


HOUSING - Proposal to amend Companies Act 1985 so as to include Housing Investment Trusts. DTI [18.11.97]


HOUSING - Proposals for changing the Housing Fitness Standard. DETR [10.2.98]


HOUSING - Buying back ex-council flats and houses   DETR [28.7.98]


HOUSING - Funding of Home Improvement Agencies. DETR [20.8.98]


HOUSING - The Government's Capital Receipts Initiative. DETR [17.10.97]


HOUSING - Proposed Single Allocation to Local Housing Authorities for Capital Investment Housing. DETR [19.10.98]


HOUSING (SCOTLAND) - Report of the working group on the regulation and monitoring of new social landlords. Scottish Office [5.12.97]


HOUSING (SCOTLAND) - Proposed changes to the Right to Buy scheme in Scotland. Scottish Office [25.2.98]


HOUSING (SCOTLAND) - Investing in Quality, Improving the Design of New Housing in the Scottish Countryside.   Scottish Office [8.4.98]


HOUSING (SCOTLAND) - Mandatory Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation.  Scottish Office [9.6.98]


HOUSING (WALES) - Proposals for changing the Housing Fitness Standard in Wales.   Welsh Office [10.2.98]


IMMIGRATION - Control of Unscrupulous Immigration Advisers.   Home Office. [22.1.98]


IMMIGRATION - Proposals for the Immigration and Asylum Appeals System. Home Office [13.7.98]


INDUSTRIAL INJURIES - Occupational Coverage for Occupational Deafness. Industrial Injuries Advisory Council [10.8.98]


INSOLVENCY - Insolvency Practitioner Regulation: Ten years on. DTI [4.12.97]


INSOLVENCY LAW - The Clearing of over the counter Investment Transactions.   HM Treasury [24.4.98]


INSURANCE - Draft Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) General Regulations.   DETR [25.9.97]


INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Draft Sustainable Development Plan for Montserrat. DfID[11.6.98]


JURIES - Juries in Serious Fraud Trials.   Home Office [16.2.98]


LAND - Control and Remediation of Radioactively Contaminated Land.   DETR [26.2.98]


LAND REFORM (SCOTLAND) - Land Reform in Scotland.   Scottish Office [20.2.98]


LAND REFORM (SCOTLAND) - Identifying the Solutions: A Paper from the Land Reform Policy Group. TSO. [4.9.98]


LANGUAGE - Draft Office of National Statistics Welsh Language Scheme. ONS [24.4.98]


LATE PAYMENT - Improving the Payment Culture, on a statutory right to claim interest on late payment of commercial debt.   DTI [28.7.97]


LAW - Statute Law Revision: 16th Report Draft Statute Law (Repeals) Bill. Cm 3939. TSO [20.5.98]


LAW COMMISSION - Claims for Wrongful Death. Law Commission.   TSO [20.9.97]


LAW COMMISSION - Consultation on amendments to the Third Parties (Rights Against Insurers) Act 1930. Law Commission Scottish Law Commission Discussion Paper No 104.   TSO [13.1.98]


LAW COMMISSION - Criminal Law: Consents to Prosecution. Law Commission. Consultation Paper 149. TSO [26.9.97]


LAW COMMISSION - Damages for personal injury- collateral benefits. Consultation Paper 147.   TSO [20.9.97]


LAW COMMISSION - Legislating the Criminal Code: Corruption. HC 524 1997/98.   TSO [3.3.98]


LAW COMMISSION - Trustees' Powers and Duties. Consultation Paper 146.   TSO [26.6.97]


LAW COMMISSION - Shareholder Remedies. Cm 3769.   TSO [24.10.97]


LAW COMMISSION - Legislating the Criminal Code: Misuse of trade secrets. Paper No 150. TSO [24.11.97]


LAW COMMISSION - Aggravated, Exemplary and Restitutionary Damages. Consultation Paper 247. TSO [17.12.97]


LAW COMMISSION - Liability for Psychiatric Illness. Law Com No. 246 HC 525 1997/98. TSO [9.3.98]


LAW COMMISSION - Rules against perpetuities and excessive accumulations. Law Com No 251. HC 579 1997/98. TSO [30.3.98]


LAW COMMISSION - Land Registration for the Twenty-First Century. Law Com No 254. Cm 4027. TSO [10.8.98]


LEGAL AID - Access to Justice with Conditional Fees.   LCD [4.3.98]


LEGAL AID (SCOTLAND) - Access to Justice Beyond the Year 2000.   Scottish Office [18.5.98]


LEGAL SYSTEM - Rights of Audience and Rights to Conduct Litigation in England and Wales- The Way Ahead. LCD [25.6.98]


LICENSING - Liquor Licensing Deregulation: Consultation on New Year's Eve licensing hours. Home Office [9.11.98]


LIFELONG LEARNING (WALES) - Learning is for Everyone. Cm 3924.   TSO [2.4.98]


LISTED BUILDINGS - Chesterfield Courthouse and its addition to the list of buildings of architectural and historic interest. DCMS [26.3.98]


LISTED BUILDINGS - Status of the Comet airliner hangar, Hatfield. DCMS [27.3.98]


LISTED BUILDINGS - Proposed Listing of All Saints Church, Bridle Road, Croydon. DCMS [6.5.98]


LISTED BUILDINGS - Proposed Listing of 3 Post-War Churches in Kent, Birmingham and Sheffield. DCMS [10.8.98]


LISTED BUILDINGS - Proposed Listing of 3 Post-War Houses in Radlett, Hertsmere and of Post-War Extension to Liverpool's Playhouse Theatre. DCMS [18.9.98]


LIVESTOCK - Consultation on proposals to amend the UK Regulations governing sheep and suckler cow quotas. MAFF [4.8.98]


LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Proposals for Implementing the Government's Capital Receipts Initiative.   DETR [19.6.97]


LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Local Democracy and Community Leadership. DETR [9.2.98]


LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Modernising local government. Improving local services through best value.   DETR [3.3.98]


LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Three consultation papers. 1) Modernising Local Government- improving local financial accountability; 2) Business Rates; 3) Capital Finance. DETR [30.3.98]


LOCAL GOVERNMENT (SCOTLAND) - The future of local government under the Scottish Parliament.   Commission on Local Government and the Scottish Parliament [2.4.98]


LOCAL GOVERNMENT (SCOTLAND) - A New Ethical Framework for Local Government in Scotland.   Scottish Office [27.4.98]




LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS - Changes to Local Government electoral arrangements in Dacorum, East Hertfordshire, Hertsmere, North Hertfordshire, Stevenage and Three Rivers.   Local Government Commission for England [13.8.97]


LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS - Draft recommendations on the future electoral arrangements for Crewe & Nantwich in Cheshire.   Local Government Commission for England [9.2.98]


LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS - Draft Recommendations on the Future Electoral Arrangements for Waverley in Surrey, Guildford in Surrey and Mole Valley in Surrey. Local Government Commission for England [18.2.98]


LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS - Draft Recommendations on the Future Electoral Arrangements for- 1) Woking in Surrey; 2) Tandridge in Surrey; 3) Surrey Heath; 4) Spelthorne in Surrey; 5) Runnymede in Surrey; 6) Reigate and Banstead in Surrey; 7) Epsom and Ewell in Surrey; 8) Elmbridge in Surrey. Local Government Commission for England [16.3.98]


LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS - Draft recommendations on the Future Electoral Arrangements for 1) Easington in County Durham; 2) Derwentside in County Durham. Local Government Commission for England [12.5.98]


LONDON - New Leadership for London, on the Government's proposals for a Greater London Authority. Cm 3724. TSO [29.7.97]


LOTTERIES - Draft Lotteries (Frequent Draws) Bill.   Home Office [7.1.98]


MAGISTRATES' - Political Balance in the Lay Magistracy. LCD [19.10.98]


MAGISTRATES' COURTS - Paper on the proposal to amalgamate the Knowsley, Liverpool, St Helens, Sefton and Wirral Magistrates' Courts Committees.   LCD [27.11.97]


MAGISTRATES' COURTS - Proposal to amalgamate the Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton Magistrates' Courts Committee.   LCD [16.12.97]


MAGISTRATES' COURTS - Proposed unification of the Stipendiary Bench.   LCD [1.4.98]


MARRIAGE (SCOTLAND) - Civil Marriages outside Registration Offices in Scotland.   Scottish Office [9.2.98]


MEDICINES - Medicines Act 1968: Medicines (Veterinary Drugs) (Pharmacy and Merchants' List) Order 1992.   MAFF [9.10.97]


MEMBERS' INTERESTS - Consultation on the Register of Members' Interests, Category 4, Sponsorship. House of Commons Select Committee on Standards and Privileges 4th Report 1997-98 [HC 181] [25.7.97]


MENTALLY DISORDERED OFFENDERS (SCOTLAND) - Health and Social Work and Related Services for Mentally Disordered Offenders in Scotland.   Scottish Office [15.5.98]




MINES - Proposals for the replacement of the law on the control of ground movement in mines. HSE [25.11.97]


MINES - Proposals for the replacement of the law on the control of ground movement in mines.   HSE [15.1.98]


MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS - Public Paging.   Radiocommunications Agency [5.11.97]


MOBILE PHONES - Consultation on framework for licensing operators.   DTI [31.7.97]


MOTOR VEHICLES - Review of Single Vehicle Approval (SVA). DETR [19.10.98]


MOTORWAYS - A Project to Develop Proposals for the Introduction of Private Escorts for Abnormal Loads on Motorways and their Linking Dual Carriageways, Final Report. Home Office [3.11.98]


MULTIMEDIA - Multimedia Communications on the Move.   DTI [4.8.97]


MUSEUMS - Access to Museums and Galleries, a draft code of practise.   DCMS [8.12.97]


NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE - National Minimum Wage Regulations. DTI [11.9.98]


NHS - Guidance on out of area treatment   Department of Health [10.6.98]


NHS - Reference Costs - NHS Responseline [11.6.98]


NHS -A first Class Service. Department of Health [1.7.98]


OFFER - Pacificorp bid for the Energy Group PLC. OFFER [16.6.97]


OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING - Draft Redress Directory. OFT [26.6.97]


OIL AND GAS - Draft Regulations to implement the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive.   DTI [18.7.97]


OPENCAST COAL - Review of planning policy guidance on opencast coal, Minerals Planning Guidance Note 3.   DETR [30.7.97]


ORGANIC FARMING - Review of the rates and structure of aid given to farmers converting to organic farming.   MAFF [29.7.97]


OVERSEAS TRADE - Support for Overseas Trade Fairs and Seminars. DTI [8.7.97]


PACKAGING - Amendments to the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 1997. DETR [30.7.97]


PACKAGING - Consultation on the Collection and Disposal of Non-Packaging Farm Plastics. DETR [19.10.98]


PARENTHOOD - Consultation letter on Teenage Parenthood. Social Exclusion Unit. [15.10.98]


PAROLE - Improving Parole Decision Making. Home Office [19.10.98]


PENSIONS - Stakeholder pensions.   DSS [19.11.97]


PENSIONS - Pensions transfers and opt out review phase 2.  FSA [12.3.98]


PENSIONS - Consultation on options for modernising Police and Fire Service Pension Schemes. Home Office [31.3.98]


PENSIONS - Pension Sharing on Divorce. DSS [8.6.98]


PESTICIDES - New proposals on the control of pesticides. MAFF [17.6.98]


PESTICIDES - Developing Public Access to Information on Pesticides. MAFF [25.8.98]


PESTICIDES - Pesticide Residues in Baby Foods. MAFF [10.11.98]


PETROLEUM - Environmental Impact Assessment Directive as it applies to Offshore Oil and Gas Activity. DTI [3.2.98]


PHARMACY - Proposed changes to the Pharmacy and Merchants List Order.   Veterinary Medicines Directorate [17.11.97]


PLANNING - Draft Circular Town and Country Planning (Development Plans and Consultation) Directions 1997.   DETR [15.9.97]


PLANNING - Modernising Planning: Improving arrangements for the delivery of local plans and unitary development plans. DETR [16.3.98]


PLANNING - Modernising Planning: The recovery of costs of public local inquiries held into planning matters. DETR [31.7.98]


PLANNING - Draft Guide to Public Examinations into Regional Planning Guidance. DETR [10.10.98]


PLANNING - Draft Revised Mineral Planning Guidance Note 3: Coal Mining and Colliery Spoil Disposal. DETR [16.10.98]


PLANNING (SCOTLAND) - Review of Neighbour Notification.   Scottish Office [28.5.97]


PLANNING (SCOTLAND) - Town and Country Planning (general permitted development) (Scotland) Order 1992- Permitted development for above ground sewerage works.   Scottish Office [4.9.97]


PLANNING (SCOTLAND) - Future of Regional Planning Guidance (Ref 98DPL001). DETR [15.1.98]


PLANNING (SCOTLAND) - Draft National Planning Policy Guideline: National Heritage. Scottish Office [16.3.98]


PLANNING (SCOTLAND) - Review of Planning Procedures relating to Telecommunications Equipment.   Scottish Office [7.5.98]


PLANNING (SCOTLAND) - Review of Planning Procedure relating to Telecommunications Equipment. Scottish Office. [1.8.98]


PLANNING (SCOTLAND) - Draft National Planning Policy Guideline, Draft Planning Advice Note Transport and Planning. Scottish Office [12.8.98]


PLANNING (SCOTLAND): Review of Scottish Planning Policy Guidance for Opencast Coal. Scottish Office [23.10.98]


PLANNING (SCOTLAND) - Planning Enforcement, Circular and Advice Note. Scottish Office [10.11.98]


PLANT HEALTH (SCOTLAND) - Code of Practice for dealing with plant waste.   Scottish Office [4.11.97]


PLANT VARIETIES - Plant Varieties Act 1997: Secondary legislation. MAFF [26.1.98]


PLANTS - Proposals to amend the National Seed Lists Regulations MAFF [19.10.98]


POLICE (NORTHERN IRELAND) - Your Voice, Your Choice, Community and Police Partnership. NIO [9.2.98]


POLICE (SCOTLAND) - Interviewing people who are mentally disordered: Appropriate Adult Schemes. Scottish Office [16.3.98]


POLITICAL PARTIES - Political Party Funding.   Committee on Standards in Public Life [17.12.97]


POLLUTION - Environmental quality standards for certain dangerous substances discharged into the aquatic environment.  DETR [30.7.97]


POLLUTION CONTROL - Pig and Poultry Farms.   MAFF [15.7.97]


POLLUTION CONTROL: EC Directive 96/61 on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control. DETR. Scottish Office [6.1.98]


POLLUTION CONTROL - Proposed regulations to implement the EC Groundwater Directive (80/68/EEC). DETR [12.1.98]


POLLUTION CONTROL - EC Directive 96/61 on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control.   DETR [11.7.98]


PRICE MARKING ORDER 1991 - Obligation to indicate the unit price of certain pre-packed goods.   DTI [19.6.97]


PRISONS - Planning for Future Prison Development. DETR [20.10.97]


PRIVATE FINANCE INITIATIVE - PFI Taskforce guidance on Project Agreements. HM Treasury [25.9.98]


PROPERTY - Enemy Property: Consultation on Possible Claims Scheme. DETR [29.7.98]


PUBLIC HEALTH - Preventing Cryptosporidium getting into Public Drinking Water Supplies. DETR. (9.6.98)


PUBLIC OFFICE - Misuse of Public Office - a new offence? Committee on Standards in Public Life [8.7.97]


PUBLIC SECTOR - Public Sector Balance Sheet.   HM Treasury [11.12.97]


PUBLIC TRANSPORT - Proposals for accessible buses and coaches.   DETR [19.12.97]


QUANGOS - Opening up Quangos. Cabinet Office [11.11.97]


QUANGOS - Quangos: Opening the Doors. Cabinet Office [29.6.98]


QUARANTINE - Consultation on the Report of the Advisory Group on Quarantine. MAFF [23.9.98]


RADIO - Draft revised guidelines on Radio Specific Public Interest Tests and Cross-Media Public Interest Tests. Radio Authority [7.7.97]


RADIO - Proposed amendments to the Radio Authority Programme Code.   Radio Authority [25.7.97]


RADIO - Consultation on revisions to the Radio Authority News and Current Affairs Code. Radio Authority [18.2.98]


RADIO - The renewal of analogue Independent National Radio (INR) Licences. Radio Authority [19.2.98]


RADIO - Consultation Document on the replacement of the Promise of Performance. Radio Authority [2.9.98]


RADIO COMMUNICATIONS - Implementing Spectrum Pricing. Radio Communications Agency [21.5.97]


RADIO COMMUNICATIONS - Proposals for new fee structure for Public Mobile Services and new On-Site Private Business Radio - consultation document. Radio Communications Agency [26.3.98]


RADIO COMMUNICATIONS - Managing Spectrum through the Market. Radio Communications Agency. [19.10.98]


RADIO COMMUNICATIONS - Spectrum Pricing: Implementing the Second Stage. Radio Communications Agency [24.9]


RAIL NETWORK - The Timetabling of the Railtrack Network. Office Rail Regulator [23.10.97]


RAILTRACK - Consultation on increasing the public accountability of Railtrack's investment programme. Office Rail Regulator [31.7.97]


RAILWAY SAFETY - Railway Group Standards Code. Office Rail Regulator [14.1.98]




RECYCLING - Consultation on Second Packaging Recycling Scheme.   Office of Fair Trading [14.5.97]


RECYCLING - Draft EC Directive on End of Life Vehicles [ELVs].  DTI [2.2.98]


REFERENDUMS (SCOTLAND) - Draft Order in Council.   Scottish Office [2.6.97]


REGENERATION PARTNERSHIPS (SCOTLAND) - Programme for Partnership.   Scottish Office [4.9.98]


REGIONAL COMPETITIVENESS - A range of statistical indicators. DTI [30.7.97]


REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCIES - Issues for Discussion. DETR [11.6.97]


REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCIES - Strategy Guidance on Regional Development Agencies. DETR [20.10.98]


RENTS - Limiting Fair Rent Increases.   DETR [21.5.98]


RESTRICTIVE TRADE PRACTICES ACT 1976 - Deregulatory amendments: Extension of Non-notifiability Status.  DTI [18.6.97]


ROAD TRAFFIC - Consultation on Draft Local Authorities (Transport Charges) Regulations 1997.   DETR [25.6.97]


ROAD TRAFFIC - Draft guidance on road traffic reduction.   DETR [15.1.98]


ROUGH SLEEPING - Rough Sleeping; A Report by the Social Exclusion Unit. Cm 4008 TSO [7.7.98]


RURAL DEVELOPMENT (SCOTLAND) - Draft National Planning Policy Guideline - Scottish Office [12.5.98]


SCHOOLS - Value Added Indicators for Schools.   School Curriculum and Assessment Authority [16.7.97]


SCHOOLS - New guidance for schools and local education authorities on school attendance.   DfEE [8.12.97]


SCHOOLS - Secondary schools and 16-18 School and College Performance Tables.   DfEE [12.3.98]


SCHOOLS - 'Fair Funding- Improving Delegation for Schools' - proposals for new arrangements to replace Local Management of Schools (LMS).   DfEE [29.5.98]


SCHOOLS - Interim guidance on school admissions   DFEE [12.6.98]


SCHOOLS - Changes to the performance tables and targets for reducing exclusions and unauthorised absence. DfEE [13.7.98]


SCHOOLS: Ingredients for Success - New nutritional standards for school lunches DFEE [19.10.98]


SCHOOLS (SCOTLAND) - Setting Targets - Raising Standards in Schools. Scottish Office [5.3.98]


SCOTTISH LAW COMMISSION - Diligence on the Dependence and Admiralty Arrestments. HC 585 1997/98, Scot Law Com No 164.   TSO [30.3.98]


SCOTTISH LAW COMMISSION - Report on Leasehold Casualties, Scot Law Com No 165, Cm. 3940.   TSO [6.5.98]


SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT - How the Scottish Parliament should work. Scottish Office [2.4.98]


SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT - Government proposals on when the Scottish Parliament and Executive should assume their full powers. Scottish Office [6.5.98]


SCOTTISH SEED POTATO DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL - Future of.   Scottish Office [22.5.97]


SEEDS - Seeds (National Lists of Varieties) Regulations 1982. MAFF [6.8.98]


SEX OFFENDERS - Community Protection Orders Home Office. [5.11.97]


SEX OFFENDERS (SCOTLAND) - Sex Offenders Act 1997- Revised Guidance.   Scottish Office [13.7.98]


SEX OFFENDERS (SCOTLAND) - Draft Guidance on Sex Offender Orders. Scottish Office [10.8.98]


SHARES - Redenomination of Share Capital. DTI [7.1.98]


SHARES - Share buybacks.   DTI [7.5.98]


SHEEP (SCOTLAND) - Amendments to the Specified Risk Material Regulations 1997. Scottish Office [3.6.98]


SHELLFISH - Implementation of the Shellfish Waters Directive. DETR [15.7.98]


SHELLFISH - Consultation Letter on Shellfish Conservation. MAFF [21.7.98]




SMALL CLAIMS - Proposed changes to the small claims procedure. LCD [1.12.97]


SOCIAL DEPRIVATION - Proposals updating the Index of Local Conditions.   DETR [22.12.98]


SOCIAL NEED (NORTHERN IRELAND) - Agenda for targeting social need and promoting social inclusion in Northern Ireland. NIO [28.7.98]


SOCIAL SECURITY - Beating Fraud is Everyone's Business- securing the future. Cm 4012. TSO [13.7.98]


SOCIAL SECURITY - Improving decision making and appeals. Cm 3328. TSO [23.7.97]


SPECIAL NEEDS EDUCATION - Excellence for all children- Meeting Special Educational Needs. Cm 3785.   TSO [22.10.97]


SPECIAL NEEDS EDUCATION (SCOTLAND) - Special Educational Needs in Scotland. Scottish Office [11.5.98]


SPECIAL NEEDS EDUCATION (WALES) - The BEST for Special Education. Cm 3792 TSO [28.10.97]


STATISTICS - Statistics - A Matter of Trust. Cm 3882.   TSO [24.2]


SURROGACY - Aspects of Surrogacy arrangements. Department of Health [9.10.97]


SURVEILLANCE OPERATIONS - Draft code of practice for use by chief police and custom officers when authorising intrusive surveillance operations.   Home Office [12.8.97]


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Options for Change.   DETR [4.2.98]


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Opportunities for Change -revised UK strategy for sustainable development. DETR [24.3.98]


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Opportunities for Change - Sustainable Construction.   DETR [21.5.98]


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Less waste more value- Consultation paper on the waste strategy for England and Wales. DETR [9.6.98]


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Making Biodiversity Happen- A supplementary consultation paper to Opportunities for change DETR [9.6.98]


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Sustainable Business - A Consultation Paper -   DETR [18.6.98]


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Sustainable Management of Forests. Forestry Commission [23.7.98]


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Sustainable production and use of chemicals.   DETR [24.7.98]


TAX - Scotland Bill Tax Varying Power - a technical paper.   Inland Revenue [23.2.98]


TAX - Individual Savings Account (ISA)- Draft Tax Regulations.   Inland Revenue [20.5.98]


TAX - Potential aggregates tax.   HM Customs and Excise [15.6.98]


TAX - Draft Personal Portfolio Bonds (Tax) Regulations 1998.   Inland Revenue [22.7.98}


TAX - Tax Law Rewrite: Savings and Investment Income of Individuals: Second Exposure Draft. Inland Revenue [30.7.98]


TAX - A General Anti-Avoidance Rule for Direct Taxes. Inland Revenue [5.10.98]


TAX - Third Exposure Draft: Capital Allowances - Industrial Buildings. Inland Revenue [29.10.98]


TAX - Draft Regulations to Cover the Tax Consequences of the Introduction of the Single Currency. Inland Revenue [18.11.98]


TAX LAW - The Tax Law Rewrite project -purposive drafting.   Inland Revenue [27.2.98]


TAXATION - Taxing of employment termination settlements.   Inland Revenue [19.12.97]


TEACHING - Teaching- High Status, High Standards. General Teaching Council.   DfEE [24.7.97]

TEACHING - A New Curriculum for Teacher Training. Teacher Training Agency [26.1.98]

TEACHING - Induction for new teachers.   DfEE [9.4.98]

TEACHING - High Status, High Standards- The Composition of the General Teaching Council   DfEE [22.4.98]

TECHNOLOGY IN SCHOOLS - Connecting the Learning Society. DfEE [7.10.97]

TECS - Meeting the Challenge of the Millennium.   DfEE [10.7.98]

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - A review of the Telecommunication Licence Fees in the UK.   OFTEL [23.12.97]

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - A Better Deal for Payphone Users.   OFTEL [16.2.98]


TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Telecommunication services for people with disabilities.   OFTEL [19.2.98]

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Delivering the Benefits of the Information Age to Customers in Hull.   OFTEL [2.3.98]

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Rights and Obligations to interconnect under the EU Interconnection Directive.   OFTEL [13.3.98]

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Personal Numbering Services.   OFTEL [31.3.98]

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Implementation of the Revised Voice Telephony Directive.   DTI [29.4.98]

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Freephone Numbers- Options for the future.   OFTEL [7.7.98]

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Carrier Pre-Selection in the UK. OFTEL [20.7.98]

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Telecommunications Development Control.   DETR [29.7.98]

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Developing Number Administration. OFTEL [31.7.98]

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Proposals for Publishing Information on Complaints Received by OFTEL. OFTEL [16.11.98]


TELECOMMUNICATIONS - 1) Identification of Significant Market Power of the purposes of the EU Interconnection Directive

    2) Indentification of significant market power for the purposes of the EU Leased Lines Directive.   OFTEL [28.11.97]


TELEPHONE CHARGES- Meeting customer needs for accurate telephone bills.   OFTEL [30.3.98]

TELEVISION - Independent Television Commission, proposed revisions to its Programme Code. ITC [7.7.97]

TELEVISION - Code of Advertising Standards and Practice relating to matrimonial and dating agency advertisements.   ITC [15.7.97]


TELEVISION - Television. The Digital Future -a study to estimate the economic impact of Government policies towards Digital Television. DCMS [12.2.98]


TELEVISION - Proposed revision to the Statutory Digital Terrestrial Programme Service Points System. DCMS [2.11.98]


TEXTILES - Government proposal to amend the Textile Products (Indication of Fibre Content) Regulations 1986. DTI [27.3.98]


TIMESHARE - Timeshare Sales. Improving the protection of consumers - Proposals to amend the Timeshare (Cancellation Notices) Order. DTI [25.8.98]


TOURISM - Towards Sustainability. DCMS [14.4.98]


TRADE - Consultation for New World Trade Organisation (WTO) talks covering the service sector. DTI [30.9.98]


TRADE UNION - Proposed changes to legislation governing the deduction of Trade union subscriptions direct from pay at source.   DTI [1.9.97]


TRADE UNIONS - Proposals on union subscriptions. DTI [29.8.97]


TRAFFIC (SCOTLAND) - Road Traffic Reduction Act 1997 - Draft Guidance to Local Authorities.   Scottish Office [16.2.98]


TRANSFER PRICING - Modernisation of the Transfer Pricing Legislation.   Inland Revenue [9.10.97]


TRANSMISSION SERVICES - Revising the incentive arrangements for the National Grid Company (NGC) to manage the transmission-related elements of Uplift.   OFFER [5.12.97]


TRANSPORT - Developing an Integrated Transport Policy. DETR [21.8.97]


TRANSPORT - Proposals for accessible taxis.   Scottish Office; DETR [6.8.97]


TRANSPORT - Traffic Management and Parking Guidance for London. Government Office for London [29.8.97]


TRANSPORT - Roads Review: What role for trunk roads in England?   DETR [28.7.97]


TRANSPORT - Proposals for a strategic London road network for the Greater London Authority. Government Office for London [11.6.98] 


TRANSPORT - Draft Guidance on Local Transport Plans. DETR [17.11.98]


TRAVEL - Package Travel Regulations 1992. Amendment of Regulation 7(2)(a) and of Schedule 1 para 5 (Passport and visa information). DTI [23.2.98]


UTILITIES - A fair deal for consumers- Modernising the framework for utility Regulation. Cm 3898.   TSO [25.3.98]


VAT - Consultation on the VAT Treatment of Gift Vouchers and similar items.   HM Customs & Excise [27.6.98]


VAT - VAT Groups   HM Customs and Excise [9.6.98]


VAT - VAT Registration Threshold.   HM Customs and Excise [10.7.98]


VAT - European Commission Proposal for Revised Rules on Input Tax Deduction. HM Customs & Excise [21.9.98]


VEHICLES - Proposed scheme for the detention of illegally operated Heavy Goods Vehicles. DETR [25.2.98]


VEHICLE EXCISE DUTY - Reform of Vehicle Excise Duty to ensure a cleaner environment. HM Treasury [3.11.98]


VITAMIN B6 - Proposed limits to doses of Vitamin B6 in food supplements.   MAFF [2.4.98]


WATER - Proposals for Chester Water to replace Wrexham Water.   OFWAT [20.1.98]


WATER - Draft Welsh Language Scheme from the Office of Water Services (OFWAT).   CSC for Wales [4.3.98]


WATER - Water Charging in England and Wales - A New Approach.   DETR [27.4.98]


WATER - The Review of the Water Abstraction Licensing System in England and Wales.   DETR [19.6.98]


WATER - Proposals for preventing waste, undue consumption, misuse and contamination of water.   DETR [19.6.98]


WATER - Draft Water Regulations to replace the water byelaws.   DETR [6.7.98]


WATER: Prospects for Prices - Strategic Issues Affecting Future Water Bills OFWAT [29.10.98]


WATER - draft Natural Mineral Water, Sprint Water and Bottled Drinking Water Regulations 1998. MAFF [17.11.98]


WATER AND SEWERAGE - Proposals for the Conduct of the 1999 Periodic Review of Water and Sewerage price limits. OFWAT. [26.6.97]


WATER CHARGES - Review of the Water Charging System in England and Wales.   DETR [25.6.97]


WATER CHARGES - Water charging in England and Wales. A new approach.   DETR [1.4.98]


WATER INDUSTRY - Setting the Quality Framework.   OFWAT [1.5.98]


WATER INDUSTRY (SCOTLAND) - Consultation Paper.   Scottish Office [10.7.97]


WATER INDUSTRY (SCOTLAND) - Review of the Scottish water and sewerage industry.   Scottish Office [10.7.97]


WATER POLLUTION - Anti-pollution Works Regulations. DETR [4.8.97]


WATERWAYS - Proposed changes to the legislation governing the licensing of pleasure boats on inland waterways. DETR [23.7.97]


WELFARE REFORM - New ambition for our country. New contract for welfare. Cm 3805. TSO [26.3.98]


WELFARE - A new Contract for Welfare: Support in Bereavement. Cm 4104. TSO [18.11.98]


WITNESSES - Towards a Conclusion: Vulnerable and intimidated witnesses in Scottish criminal and civil cases. SO [2.11.98]


WOMEN (SCOTLAND) - Reaching Women in Scotland.   Scottish Office [22.10.97]


WORKING TIME - Working Time - Excluded Sections.   DTI [6.5.98]


WORLD HERITAGE - UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A Consultation Paper on A New United Kingdom Tentative List of Future Nominations. DCMS [21.9.98]


YOUNG OFFENDERS - Draft Inter-departmental Circular- Establishing youth offending teams   Home Office [29.6.98]


YOUTH CRIME - New National and Local Focus on Youth Crime.   Home Office [7.10.97]


ZOOS - Proposals to raise standards in Zoos.   DETR [13.11.97]





A collection of miscellaneous papers that were laid before the House


    Standards of Conduct in Local Government in England, Scotland and Wales. 3rd Report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life:

    Vol I: Report Cm 3702-I. TSO [8.7.97]

    Vol II: Transcripts of Oral Evidence Cm 3702-II. TSO [8.7.97]


    Belfast Agreement: An Agreement Reached at the Multi-Party Talks on Northern Ireland. Cm 3883. TSO [20.4.98]


    Report of the Sierra Leone Arms Investigation (Legg Report), HC 1016 1997/98. TSO [27.7.98]


    Government's Annual Report Cm 3969. TSO [30.7.98]


    Setting Environment Standards, 21st Report of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. Cm 4053. TSO [7.10.98]


    Funding of Political Parties in the United Kingdom. 5th Report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life.

    Vol 1: Report Cm 4057-I TSO [13.10.98]

    Vol II Evidence Cm 405I-II TSO [13.10.98]


    Report of the Independent Commission on the Voting System

    Vol I: Report Cm 4090-I TSO [29.10.98]

    Vol II: Report Cm 4090-II TSO [29.10.98]






Compliance Cost Assessments (CCAs) are prepared and published by the Government for all primary legislation introduced into and secondary legislation laid before Parliament. In the case of most Government Bills, a CCA forms part of the Explanatory Memoranda to the Bill: in other cases, a separate document is issued. CCAs are an assessment for the business sector of the costs involved in complying with the legislation. All CCAs received in the Library of the House of Commons are noted, along with an address where copies may be obtained. The Department of Trade and Industry issues a six monthly list of CCAs as a Command Paper. The publication of this paper is noted in the White Papers section of the Digest.






No 1The Parliamentary Stages of a Government Bill
No 2The Outlawries Bill
No 3The Procedural Changes agreed on 31 October 1979
No 4Private Members' Bills Procedure
No 5Women in the House of Commons
No 6The Post 1979 Departmental Select Committee Structure
No 7-
No 8The Glorious Revolution
No 9The Procedural Changes agreed on 30 October 1980
No 10A Selective Booklist on the House of Commons for the Non-Specialist Reader
No 11The Norman Shaw Buildings
No 12The Portcullis
No 13House of Commons Green
No 14Statutory Instruments and Deregulation Orders
No 15Northern Ireland Legislation
No 16Statistical Digest of By-Election Results 1979-1983
No 17Members' Pay and Allowances
No 18Supply Procedure of the House
No 19Command Papers
No 20House of Commons Papers
No 21The Speaker
No 22General Election Results 9 June 1983
No 23The Guillotine in the House of Commons
No 24The Father of the House
No 25Church of England Measures
No 26User's Guide to the Vote Bundle
No 27 By-Election Results since the General Election of June 1983
No 28Sittings of the House
No 29The Weekly Information Bulletin: A User's Guide
No 30Early Day Motions
No 31Ministerial Salaries
No 32Public Petitions in the House of Commons
No 33Private Bills
No 34The Chiltern Hundreds
No 35Hybrid Bills
No 36The Procedural Changes of 27 February 1986
No 37Order Confirmation & Provisional Order Bills, Special Procedure Orders and Bills to Confirm Special Procedure Orders
No 38House of Commons Library Deposited Papers and other Unpublished Papers
No 39A Brief Chronology of the House of Commons
No 40Broadcasting Proceedings of the House of Commons
No 41You and Your MP
No 42The Official Report, House of Commons
No 43Standing Committees
No 44Tracing Acts of Parliament
No 45Divisions
No 46Questions
No 47General Election Results, 11 June 1987
No 48The Palace of Westminster
No 49The House of Commons and the Raising of Taxation Budgets and Financial Documents
No 50The House of Commons Library Department
No 51The Clerk of the House
No 52Some Traditions and Customs of the House of Commons
No 53The House of Commons Refreshment Department
No 54Parliamentary Elections and the House of Commons
No 55The House of Commons Service
No 56House of Commons and European Communities Legislation
No 57Treaties and the House of Commons
No 58Statistical Digest of the 1987-1992 Parliament
No 59The Gunpowder Plot
No 60House of Commons Post Office
No 61General Election Results, 9 April 1992
No 62Disciplinary and Penal Powers of the House of Commons
No 63Parliament Street Buildings
No 64Statistical Digest of By-Election Results since April 1992
No 65Scottish and Welsh Business in the House of Commons
No 66Restoration of the External Facades of the Palace of Westminster
No 67The Success of Private Members' Bills
No 68General Election Results 1997



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