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Standing Orders of the House of Commons - Public Business 1999- continued
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Environmental Audit Committee, 152A


    allotted days, number of, 54(1) consideration of numbers or amounts, 55
    consolidated fund, grants out of, 55(1)
    defence services numbers for, 55(3)
    excess votes, 55(3)
    Liaison Committee, recommendations of, 145(2)
    notice, 55(5)
    other business, on allotted days, 54(2), 54(3)
    questions deferred to 10 p.m., 54(4), 54(5)
    Speaker to put questions, 54(5), 55(1)
    supplementary estimates, 55(2), 55(3)
    votes of credit, S.O. does not apply to, 55(6)
    votes on account, 55(2)
    war expenditure, S.O. does not apply to additional estimates for, 55(6)

European Scrutiny,

    select committee on, 143
    resolution, see page 127

European Community Documents--

    European Standing Committees, 119
    proceedings on, 16
    referred to standing committees, 89(3)


Examiners of Petitions for Private Bills (duties in respect of certain Public Bills), 61

Excess Votes, 55(3)

Exempted Business, 9(6), 15

Finance and Services Committee, 144

Foreign Affairs Committee, 152

Friday Sittings, 11, 12

Government Business, 14, 27

Government Departments,

    select committees related to, 152

Grave Disorder, 46

Guillotine, 83

Health Committee, 152

Home Affairs Committee, 152


    adjournment of:
      for specified period(s), 25
      from Friday till Monday, 11(6)
      motions for--
        during debate, 34, 35
        for discussion of specific and important matter for urgent consideration, 14(2), 24, 54(3)
        lapse on interruption of business, 9(3)
        before orders of the day or notices of motion entered on, 9(2)
        reference to legislation in debate on, 30
      by the Speaker without Question put--
        in case of grave disorder, 46
        half an hour after proposal of question for adjournment when question proposed after 10 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9(7)
        half an hour after proposal of question for adjournment when question proposed after 2.30 p.m. on Friday, 11(2)

      when question for suspension of proceedings has been agreed to, 10(3)
    business of--
      consideration of estimates, etc.--
        allotted days, 54(1)
        priority for, 54(2), 54(3)
        questions on, 54(5), 55(1)
          exempted business, 15(1)
            postponed, may be resumed after interruption of business, 15(3)
          exemption from interruption of,
            motions for, 15

          government business--
            arrangement of, 27
            to have precedence, 14
          interruption of--
            closure, how affected by, 9(4)
            in committee of whole House, 9(3)
            Opposed business may not be taken after interruption of business, 9(6)
            time for--
              on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9(3)
              on Friday, 11(2)
            transaction of business after, 9(6)
          not disposed of, before termination of sitting, 9(5)
          opposition days, 14(2), (3)
          order of--
            on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 9(1)
            Wednesday, 10
            on Friday, 11(1)
          private business on estimates days, 54(3)
          private members' business, sittings at which it has precedence, 14(4), 14(5)
          public business--
            arrangement of, 14
            motions at commencement of, 15(2), 23, 24(2)
            precedence of different classes of, at several sittings, 14
          stands over until next sitting, 40 members not being present on a division, 41(1)
          transaction of--
            on day on which House is recalled during adjournment, 13(2)
            after interruption of business or after exempted business under consideration at 10 p.m. has been disposed of, 15
        count of, not allowed, 41(2)
        earlier meeting of, in certain circumstances, 13
        sittings of--
          on Fridays--
            adjournment of House at its rising, till Monday, 11(6)
            interruption of business on, 11
            order of business on, 11
          hour of meeting--
            on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 9(1)
            Wednesday, 10
            on Friday, 11

          precedence of business at, 14
        suspension of, by the Speaker in cases of grave disorder, 46

    Information Committee, 142


      to committees of whole House, 66
      selection of, 32(4)

    International Development Committee, 152

    Interruption of Business:

      closure, how affected by, 9(4)
      in committee of whole House, 9(3)
      Opposed business may not be taken after interruption of business, 9(6)
      time for--
        on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9(3)
        on Friday, 11(2)
      transaction of business after, 9(6)

    Irrelevance, 42

    Law Commission Bills, 59

    Law Officers,

      attendance in standing committees, 87
      attendance at Committee on Standards and Privileges, 149(9)

    Leader of the Opposition--

      allotted days at his disposal, 14(2)

    Leader of the Largest Opposition Party in Scotland, 99

    Leader of the Second Largest Opposition Party--

      allotted days at his disposal, 14(2), (3)
      in Scottish Grand Committee, 99

    Liaison Committee, 145

    Lords, House of--

      committees, attendance of Commons Members at, 138
      committees, concurrent meetings with: committees, joint:
        committal of bills to, 63(2)
        Consolidation &c. Bills, 140
        Statutory Instruments, 151
      members of, order for withdrawal of strangers not to apply to, 163(2)

    Measures, Church of England, 118(4)


      absent when question put, voting by, 39(1)
      affirmation by, 5
      attendance at Lords select committees, 138
      bills presented by private Members, 14(6), 14(7)
      conduct of: Committee on Standards and Privileges, 149
      disorderly conduct, 43
      irrelevance or repetition, 42
      naming of, 43, 44
      not obliged to vote in division, 39(2)
      not to admit strangers to portions of House appropriated to Members, 162
      oath of, 6
      questions to, 21
      seats of, in House, 7, 8
      suspension of, 44
      withdrawal of--
        power of chair to order, for disorderly conduct, 43
        from precincts, on suspension, 45
        from select committees, 126

    Ministers of the Crown--

      arranging government business, 27
      attendance in standing committees, 87 bring in bill to create public charge, 50
      motions moved by:
        adjournment, 9(2)
        allocation of time, 83
        amendment to substantive motion, 31(2)
        approval of statutory instrument, 118
        business of the House, 15
        European Community document not to stand referred, 119
        extension of special standing committee period, 91(4)
        periodic adjournment, 25
        referral of bill or matter to:
          second reading committee, 90, 92
          Scottish Grand Committee, 92, 97
          Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 113, 114
          Standing Committee on Regional Affairs, 117
          Welsh Grand Committee, 106, 107
        referral of statutory instrument, 118
        without notice, relating to the Provisional Collection of Taxes Act 1968, 51

    Money, Public--

      debts due to the Crown, restriction on receipt of petitions for compounding, 48
      grants of, procedure on bills or motions for, 48, 49, 50
      resolutions authorising expenditure of, 49
      resolutions in connection with bills, 52
      standing orders relating to, application to private bills, etc., 53
      sums relating to public service &c require Crown's recommendation, 48

    Morning Sittings (Wednesdays), 10


      for adjournment:
        for discussion of specific and important matter for urgent consideration, 14(2), 24, 54(3)
        lapse on interruption of business, 9(3)
        before orders of the day or notices of motion entered on, 9(2)
        reference to legislation in debate on, 30
      for allocation of time to bills, 83
      for authorising expenditure in connection with bills, proceedings on, exempted from interruption, 15(1)
      closure, 36
        at time of interruption of business, 9(4)
        in standing committees, 89(3)
      for committal of bill to other than standing committee, 63(2) and (3)
      for instructions, committal or re-committal of bills, selection of, 32(4)
      dilatory, 34, 9(3)
      in standing committees, chairman's powers regarding, 89(3)
    for exemption of business from interruption, 15(2)-(6)
    for leave to bring in bills and for nomination of select committees at commencement of public business, 23, 14(7)
    notice(s) of amendments, new clauses, new schedules: see under Amendments; Clauses; Schedules.
    powers of chair to propose question on, on bills, 29
    authorising expenditure, 49
    for re-committal of bills, 72, 74
    for referring bill to second reading committee, 90
    for referring bill to standing committee for consideration on report, 92
    for reporting progress, 34, 35
    to sit in private, 163
    for suspension of Members, 44(1)
    for unopposed returns, 9(1)
    Ways and Means, 51, 52

New Clauses: see under Clauses.

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, 152

Northern Ireland Grand Committee--

    adjournment motions, 116
    bills, 113
    business, 109
    composition, 109
    delegated legislation, 115
    legislative proposals, 114
    matters, 114
    qustions, 110
    short debates, 111
    sittings, 116
    statements, 112

Northern Ireland Statutory Instruments, 115, 118(5)


    Members, 5
    Witnesses in committee, 132

Opposition Days, 14(2), (3)

Order in Debate, 44

Orders of the Day--

    for committee of whole House, 66
    order in which they are to be disposed of, 27
    reading of, 26

Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration--

    Select Committee relating to, 146

Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, 150

Pecuniary Penalties--

    bills brought from the Lords and Lords amendments to bills authorising, etc., 79

Periodic Adjournments, 25

Petitions, Public, 153-157

    for grant of money &c., 48
    for releasing or compounding debts due to the Crown, 48


    affixing of names of Members to seats before, 7
    seats secured by Members at, 8

Prayers Against Statutory Instruments, 17

Preamble, postponed, 67

Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act 1936, Bills introduced under--

    application to, of public money standing orders, 53

Private Members Bills: see Bills, Public


    bills brought from the Lords, 80

Procedure Committee, 147

Progress, Motions for Reporting, 34, 37

    in standing committee, 89(3)
motions for, 29
    in standing committee, 89(3)

Provisional Order Bills: see Bills, Provisional Order.

Public Accounts, Committee of--

    appointment and constitution of, 148
    to report on excess votes, 55(3)

Public Bills: see Bills, Public.

Public Petitions: see Petitions, Public.

Public Administration, Select Committee on, 146

Queen's Recommendation, 48

Questions, time for taking, 9(1), 21

    in European Standing Committees, 119(7)
    in Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 110
    in Scottish Grand Committee, 94
    in Welsh Grand Committee, 103


    count of House not allowed, 41(2)
    in select committee, 124
    in standing committee, 89(1) and (3)
    of European Standing Committees, 119(4)
    fewer than 40 present, on division in House, 41(1)
    of Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 109, 116(5)
    of Scottish Grand Committee, 93, 100(6)
    of Welsh Grand Committee, 102, 108(5)

Re-Committal, 74, 72

Regional Affairs, Standing Committee on, 117

Repetition, Tedious, 42

Returns, Unopposed--

Science and Technology Committee, 152


    notices of new, may be accepted on certain days when House is not sitting, 64
    standing part, curtailment of debate on, 68

Scottish Affairs Committee, 152

Scottish Grand Committee--

    adjournment motions, 99, 100(6)
    bills, 97
    business, 93
    composition, 93
    delegated legislation, 98
    questions, 94
    short debates, 95
    sittings, 100
    statements, 96

Scottish Standing Committees, 101

Seats, 7, 8

Second Reading Committees, 90

Selection, Committee of--

    appointment of: see Standing Orders relating to Private Business (published separately).
    duties of:
      nomination of additional members to Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 109(1)
      nomination of additional members to Welsh Grand Committee, 102(1)
      nomination of European Standing Committees, 119(3)
      nomination of other standing committees, 86, 92(2)
      nomination of certain select committees, 121(2)
    power of, to discharge members of standing committees and appoint others in substitution, 86, (1)

Selection of Amendments:

    powers of chair as to:
      in House and committee of whole House, 32
      in standing committees, 89(3)

Serjeant at Arms--

    duties of:
      as to arresting strangers, 161
      to enforce the Speaker's or Chairman's orders with regard to Members ordered to withdraw, 43, 44(4), 126

Short Speeches, 47

Sittings of the House, 9-13

Social Security Committee, 152

Speaker, The--

    absence of, 3(2)
    duties of:
      to appoint chairmen of standing committees, 85(1)
      to allocate bills and instuments to standing committees, 84(2)
      in case of grossly disorderly conduct, 43
      to give certain directions to doorkeepers, 7
      as to motions for suspension of Members, 44
      to nominate Chairmen's Panel, 4(1)
      when notice taken of presence of strangers, 163
      when her opinion as to the decision of a question is challenged, 38
    election of, 1
    powers of:
      as to closure motions, 36
      as to dilatory motions, 32
      in case of division unnecessarily claimed, 40
      in case of grave disorder, 46
      in case of grossly disorderly conduct, 43
      in case of irrelevance or repetition, 42
      to authorise publication of evidence by witnesses before select committees no longer in existence, 135(2)
      to call Members for short speeches, 47
      to name Members, 43, 44(1)
      to give notice that House shall meet during adjournment, 13
      to order withdrawal of those other than Members or officers, 163
      to permit reference to legislation on motions for adjournment of House, 30.
      to propose question, 29
      to request Chairman of Ways and Means or a Deputy Chairman to take the chair, 3(1)

Standards and Privileges Committee, 149

Statutory Instruments see also Delegated Legislation --

    Joint and Select Committee, 151
    Notification (instruments coming into operation before laying), 160
    Presentation of, 159
    Proceedings in House, 15(1), 16, 17, 118

Statutory Orders (Special Procedure) Act 1945, Bills introduced Under--

    Application to, of public money standing orders, 53


    Admission of, to select committees, 125
    Admission of, to standing committees, 89(2)
    Arrest of, 161
    Not admitted during sitting to any part of House appropriated to Members, 162
    Withdrawal, duties and powers of chair, 163
    See also under Lords.


    Education and Employment, 152
    Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs, 152
    European Legislation, 143(7)
    Foreign Affairs, 152
    Home Affairs, 152
      European Scrutiny, 143(11)
      Statutory Instruments, 151
    Standards and Privileges, 149(4)
    Statutory Instruments, 151(3)
    Treasury, 152

Sub Judice Resolutions, Appendix, page 121

Suspension, in case of grave disorder, 46

Tax Simplification Bills, 60


    petitions against, 157
    provisional collection of, 51

Temporary Laws and Enactments--

    duration of, how to be expressed in bills, 81

Third Reading, Amendments on, 77

Trade and Industry Committee, 152

Treasury Committee, 152

Unopposed Returns, Motions for, 9(1)

Votes on Account, 55(2)

Voting, 39

Ways and Means--

    bills brought in upon resolutions, proceedings on, exempted from interruption, 15(1)
    Chairman of: see Chairman of Ways and Means
    motions, 51, 52

Wednesday Sittings, 10

Welsh Affairs Committee, 152

Welsh Grand Committee--

    adjournment motions, 108
    bills, 106
    business, 102
    composition, 102
    matters, 107
    questions, 103
    short debates, 104
    sittings, 108
    statements, 105


    before select committees:
      administration of oath to, 132
      publication of evidence of, 135
    before special standing committees, 91

Writs, if moved on private Members' Bills days, 19


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