Select Committee on Trade and Industry Minutes of Evidence


Supplementary Memorandum submitted by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office


  1.  UN Security Council resolutions (SCRs) 748 (1992) and 883 (1993) impose a range of sanctions on Libya. Security Council resolution 1192, adopted 27 August 1998, allows for these measures to be suspended after the Secretary General has reported to the Council that the two Lockerbie accused have been delivered for trial in the Netherlands. The UK has been, and remains, a strong supporter of the sanctions regime against Libya. There can be no question of lifting sanctions until Libya complies fully with the relevant UN resolutions.

  2.  During August of this year, the media reported that British Aerospace had been in "secret negotiations" with Libya for a possible sale of aircraft to that country in the event of sanctions being lifted. The supply of aircraft is currently prohibited under SCR 748. BAe's discussion also covered the supply of equipment to Libyan airfields. Such supply is currently prohibited by SCR 883, though exceptions are made for emergency equipment and equipment and services directly related to civilian air traffic control. The Security Council resolutions do not deal with the question of discussion about post sanctions trade with Libya. Following discussions with British Aerospace, the Government is satisfied that the company's activities in no way undermine UK commitment to sanctions against Libya.

19 October 1998

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Prepared 10 December 1998